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UN: Colombian Rebels Have Handed Over Almost All Weapons

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Rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, FARC, build a stage for the next day's ceremony that will commemorate the completion of the rebels' disarmament process, at the Mariana Paez demobilization zone, one of many rural camps where rebel fighters are making their transition to civilian life, in Buenavista, Colombia, Monday, June 26, 2017. The United Nations say that leftist rebels in Colombia have turned over almost all of their fighters' individual weapons as part of a historic peace deal reached with the government last year.

In Replay of Aleppo, Syrian Army Splits Rebel Redoubt in Eastern Ghouta

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As five warplanes circled on Monday, Marwan Habaq, trapped in a shrinking rebel-held enclave near Damascus, the Syrian capital, agonized over how best to reunite with his wife and infant daughter. The Syrian government and its allies had managed overnight to split the enclave, eastern Ghouta, into three blocs, each surrounded and besieged, leaving Mr. Habaq suddenly separated from his family, he said by phone. The fracturing of the enclave, one of the last major rebel-controlled areas in Syria, could be a turning point after three weeks of a relentless scorched-earth campaign by pro-government forces, backed by heavy Russian airstrikes. In the pivotal battle for the northern city of Aleppo a year and a half ago, a government advance that divided the rebel-held pocket in two signaled the beginning of the end for insurgents. The sense of chaos has grown in recent days in eastern Ghouta.

The Stores That Matter: Rebel Rebel and Three Lives & Company

The New Yorker

You leave New York for a week or more and the whole world is different. I got back from a recent trip, to L.A. and Houston, to discover a number of significant changes in the West Village, where I do most of my shopping. I walked into the record shop Rebel Rebel to check out what was available for a relative of mine and, after a moment or two, was told, by the store's honey-voiced owner, David Shebiro, that the venerable shop, which had breathed music and ideas onto Bleecker Street for nearly thirty years, was going out of business--the clothing store next door had paid the landlord six months in advance to break through, into his space, and expand. Other Music, the large experimental-music outpost, closed on June 25th.) No sooner had I managed to assimilate that news, if sadness can be assimilated, than I stopped by Three Lives & Company, one of the best bookstores the city has ever made a home for--Zadie Smith, Patti Smith, the late Oliver Sacks, and other luminaries are devotees of the small, elegant, intimate space--to find out that it had to look for a new home.

Syrian Rebels Say Launch New Offensive in Key Damascus Gateway: Rebel Spokesman

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We have fire control over the Abassiyin garages and began storming it," Wael Alwan, the spokesman of the main rebel group that launched the attack, Failaq al Rahman, told Reuters.

Walmart has a Canon EOS Rebel camera with built-in WiFi on sale for $300 off


"Pics or it didn't happen" is the summer 2018 mindset. If you don't take 500 pictures and post to Instagram four times a day while on vacation, did you even go on vacation? You could document your adventures with bogus editing apps and blurry iPhone pictures that you'll end up deleting for storage purposes -- or you could keep your memories alive with photos so detailed, they'll take you right back to where they were taken. The 18MP Canon EOS Rebel T6 EF-S is your ticket to all that, and it's on sale for $300 off at Walmart. Everybody would obviously love to have a fancy camera of their own, but when the nice ones are clocking in at $700 or more, it might be hard purchase to justify if you're not a professional.