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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is taking the next step in using artificial intelligence (AI) within its social media service. KLM worked with AI frontrunner, DigitalGenius, to add automated answers to general repetitive questions from customers without the intervention of a human service agent. This gives KLM agents more time to focus on questions in conversations with customers that require a human approach. KLM is the first airline to offer a combination of human agents and artificial intelligence in a single conversation on Twitter, Messenger and WhatsApp.

On Leadership and Influence in Human-Swarm Interaction

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In this position paper, we synthesize "within the system" models of human influence over bio-inspired swarms, summarizing observations from previous experiments and identifying methods of influence that have not yet been explored. We describe (a) differences among agents that can be controlled by a human and those that can't, (b) agents that are aware of the type of other agents and those that aren't, and (c) the effects of attraction, repulsion, and orientation on human-guided swarm behavior. We also briefly discuss the interaction effort required to manage swarms.

Learning from Demonstration to Be a Good Team Member in a Role Playing Game

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We present an approach that uses learning from demonstration in a computer role playing game to create a controller for a companion team member. We describe a behavior engine that uses case-based reasoning. The behavior engine accepts observation traces of human playing decisions and produces a sequence of actions which can then be carried out by an artificial agent within the gaming environment. Our work focuses on team-based role playing games, where the agents produced by the behavior engine act as team members within a mixed human-agent team. We present the results of a study we conducted, where we assess both the quantitative and qualitative performance difference between human-only teams compared with hybrid human-agent teams. The results of our study show that human-agent teams were more successful at task completion and, for some qualitative dimensions, hybrid teams were perceived more favorably than human-only teams.

Almost all Americans are frustrated with voice AI to talk to companies


Companies want to use every channel possible to talk to their customers and interact more than before. Also: What is AI? Everything you need to know But what really matters to the customer when companies talk to them? Franklin, Mass.-based IT service company Interactions, in conjunction with The Harris Poll, conducted a study to find out how customers perceive Voice AI. It carried out an online study of interactions amongst 2,022 US adults in August 2018. It wanted to focus more specifically on voice AI, when it is considered creepy, and when people prefer to speak with AI over humans.

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Enterprise Customer Service


Other enterprises adopt the "AI-assisted human agent" model to reinforce their existing customer support staff. KLM, the flag carrier airline of the Netherlands, began answering customer inquiries via Facebook Messenger last year. To help lessen the average waiting period before a customer's issue is addressed and resolved, they used DigitalGenius to provide an AI solution layer. In this model, the AI interprets the conversation and suggests response choices to the human agent. The AI adapts the reply format based on the inquiry platform -- elaborating longer in an email and keeping Twitter responses to 140 characters or fewer.