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Rights Group Accuses Egyptian Police of 'Forcibly Disappearing' Rights Lawyer

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Ghoneim's lawyer, Halem Henish, told Reuters his client was detained in March for investigation into allegations that included joining an illegal organization and helping a mother speak to foreign media on her daughter's alleged forced disappearance, a charge that he had denied.

Streams of N.W.A.'s "Fuck Tha Police" Skyrocketed As Protests Began

Mother Jones

As protests against brutality sprung up around the country, listens of "Fuck Tha Police" skyrocketed. Before, N.W.A.'s 1988 protest song had averaged about 387 listens a day, according to data from music site, On June 1, it peaked at 5,653 listens--more than 14 times the song's normal popularity. Listens to "Fuck Tha Police" have dipped a bit since then. But why not raise that number again?

Civil rights inquiry due in Minneapolis police shooting

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FILE - This undated file photo released by Javille Burns shows her brother, Jamar Clark, who was shot Nov. 15, 2015, after a confrontation with two police officers and died a day later. His death sparked weeks of protests and an 18-day occupation outside a police precinct. Federal officials in Minneapolis are set to announce on Wednesday, June 1, 2016, whether they believe the civil rights of the 24-year-old black man were violated last November in a confrontation with two police officers during which he was fatally shot.

Mexico rights agency: Police were complicit in 2011 killings

FOX News

MEXICO CITY – Mexico's governmental human rights agency says municipal police were complicit in at least 38 abductions and killings in the town of Allende in northern Coahuila state, near the U.S. border. The National Human Rights Commission issued a recommendation Monday calling on authorities to make amends to the victims' families and ensure they could return to Allende. The commission said the Zetas drug cartel carried out the killings "with the authorization, support or acquiescence" of local police. From March 18-20 of 2011, the Zetas sent gunmen and local police to round up everyone who shared a certain last name in the town. They were punishing someone they believed had betrayed them.

U.N. Rights Body to Examine 'Systemic' U.S. Racism and Police Brutality

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The "international outrage" provoked by the death underlined the importance of the Human Rights Council discussing these issue, it said, noting that 600 activist groups and victims' relatives had called last week for a special session.