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The Most Valuable Fintech Companies, in One Chart


The media defines a unicorn is any company that surpasses $1 billion in value, and the booming fintech sector is now chock-full of them. Surprisingly, despite their successes and sky-high valuations, most people haven't heard of these companies. That's because they are still very new and have a lot of work to do before they catch the big banks. That's why we created a new viz showing you the ten most valuable fintech companies that remain privately held.

The Dreaded Down Round Won't Necessarily Kill a Unicorn


Back in the days of the dot-com bust, as startup after startup began to implode, a site cropped up to list the casualties. It was called Fucked Company, and it pooled the rumors about businesses experiencing troubles of all sorts. Now, as the current startup economy faces its own reckoning, the research firm CB Insights has set out to launch this generation's equivalent. It's called The Downround Tracker. "These are the wounded companies of the unicorn era," the site reads.

Google gets valuation crown as Apple shares slip under 90 to two-year low amid iPhone slump

The Japan Times

LOS ANGELES – Shares of Apple sank below 90 for the first time in nearly two years Thursday, ceding the title of the world's largest company by market valuation to Google. With investors souring on the outlook for sales of its market-leading iPhones and iPads, and no new blockbuster consumer electronics product in its offerings, Apple shares fell 3.3 percent to 89.47 in morning trade Thursday, before rebounding slightly back above the 90 threshold. That left the company's stock off more than 14 percent since the beginning of the year and down one-third from the peak of 132.54 one year ago. Apple stock has slid sharply since mid-April, hit in part by the company's disappointing fiscal second quarter earnings, which showed a decline in revenues and the first quarterly drop ever in iPhone unit sales since launching the smartphone in 2007. Thursday's fall elevated Google parent Alphabet ahead of its Silicon Valley rival as the world's largest company.

Payment-Tech Company Adyen Soars in European Market Debut WSJD - Technology

Adyen's stock closed up 90% to €455 from its initial offering price of €240, which was already at the high end of its expected price range. The near doubling of the stock was the largest first-day increase since 2000 for a European-listed IPO that raised more than €500 million, according to Dealogic. The closing price gave Adyen a valuation of €13.4 billion ($15.8 billion), compared with the €7.1 billion valuation derived from its IPO price. Adyen is the largest technology IPO in Europe this year, and one of the largest tech companies to go public in the Amsterdam exchange, according to Dealogic. Adyen's software allows tech giants like Netflix Inc. and Spotify Technology SA and retailers like Tory Burch and Sephora to accept payments both online and offline in dozens of countries and currencies through a single platform.

Visualizing The World's 20 Largest Tech Giants


The Chart of the Week is a weekly Visual Capitalist feature on Fridays. Large companies can be located all over the globe. For example, massive auto companies can be found practically anywhere on a map. Ford (USA), Toyota (Japan), Volkswagen (Germany), Hyundai (South Korea), Volvo (Sweden), Tata Motors (India), and Magna (Canada) are just some of the biggest companies involved in the production of vehicles or parts. While the banking, pharma, energy, and retail industries also have geographic spread as well, the same cannot be said for the rapidly-growing tech industry.