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Pittsburgh airport uses artificial intelligence to help inform travellers – Business Traveller


It may not help you get through the airport faster, but artificial intelligence (AI) can now give you information on wait times at Pittsburgh International Airport security checkpoints in real time. The airport recently announced a partnership with Zensors, a Pittsburgh-based company that applies AI to feeds from airport security cameras to estimate wait times at the airport's three Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoints on a minute-by-minute basis. Wait-time information is then posted on the airport's information screens and website, including predictions about whether wait times will increase or decrease. Zensors' AI observes passenger volume and also includes factors like time of day and TSA staffing levels to make its estimates. "We know security can be a frustration for travellers and having accurate wait estimates can help set expectations and aid in planning trips," said Pittsburgh International Airport CEO Christina Cassotis.

New TSA rules a 'bad idea'?

FOX News

A union of flight attendants has come out against Pittsburgh International Airport's decision to allow non-ticketed passengers through TSA checkpoints, calling it a "bad idea" that sets a "terrible precedent."

Southwest Airlines Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Running Out Of Fuel

International Business Times

A Southwest Airlines flight bound for Pittsburgh was forced to make an emergency landing Sunday after running out of fuel. The airline said it reboarded its 143 customers on buses from a neighboring airport to the flight's intended destination, and passengers aboard the carrier were given pizza. "Southwest Flight 3316 operating from Orlando to Pittsburgh Sunday night safely landed at Allegheny County Airport to avoid using contingency fuel reserve," a representative for Southwest Airlines confirmed in a Monday statement to International Business Times. "Out of an abundance of caution, the Captain in command declared an emergency to receive priority handling from air traffic controllers to use the alternate airport." Details surrounding the reason for landing are still unclear, though News 6 reported Monday that passengers were told that an air show affected the flight's ability to get clearance to land in Pittsburgh.

Cancer patient thanks airline

FOX News

Flying home from Nashville to Pittsburgh on a rerouted Southwest Airlines flight, Stacy Hurt's suitcase was misplaced in transit. To top it all off, the bag contained essential items for her 9 a.m. Hurt, who has been battling colon cancer since 2014, naturally panicked and phoned the airline. Traveling, late nights, a cold, and chemo don't mix #toughness #stillsmiling "I had a lot of items in the suitcase that I needed and wanted for chemotheraphy," Hurt told CBS Pittsburgh. "One of them was medication. But many of them were personal items to me.

Flight attendants protest plan to let non-fliers into the Pittsburgh airport to shop

Los Angeles Times

The Pittsburgh International Airport is about to become the nation's first airport to allow non-fliers through the security checkpoints to shop and dine within the terminals. But American Airlines flight attendants think the new program, set to start Tuesday, is a bad idea that will make it easier for terrorists to get access to the airport and will frustrate travelers with longer screening lines. "Beyond security concerns, having shoppers clog already frustratingly long TSA security lines will lead to flight delays and more passengers missing flights, especially during the busy holiday season," said Bob Ross, national president for the Assn. of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents the American Airlines workers. TSA officials say everyone entering the airport will undergo the same screening procedure, but travelers will get priority. If the lines get too long, airport officials will stop allowing non-fliers into the screening lines, TSA officials said.