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British spies linked up with CIA reveals WikiLeaks

Daily Mail - Science & tech

British spies helped the CIA find a way to convert'smart' TVs into secret microphones using a codename inspired by Doctor Who killer monsters called'Weeping Angels'. MI5 worked with their US counterparts to develop software that convinced people their sets were switched off when in fact they were on and recording every word they say. British spies has been central to developing the hack of TVs connected to the internet, according to WikiLeaks. The spooks also chose to name it after to Weeping Angels from Doctor Who - monsters who pretended to be stone statues before creeping up on unsuspecting victims. US intelligence has also devised a method of remotely controlling cars and crashing them, leaked data claims.

Netflix and stalk: Samsung adds tracking app to its TVs

Daily Mail - Science & tech

Forget Netflix and chill, a new app lets you Netflix and stalk. Samsung Smart TV has added an app that lets viewers track the real-time location of their friends, loved ones or the status of a food delivery - all while they binge watch their favorite shows. Called Glympse, users create groups with their family, friends, connected cars, home devices, and more, and all shared location data will on appear on the right side of the television screen. Glympse was first released to mobile device to allow users to share their status with friends and family - similar to Apple's'Find My Friends'. Now the app is available for Samsung Smart TV that providers users with live updates while they watch their favorite shows.

Q&A: How can I stop my TV from spying on me?

Daily Mail - Science & tech

The publication by WikiLeaks of documents it says are from the CIA's secret hacking program describe tools that can turn a world of increasingly networked, camera- and microphone-equipped devices into eavesdroppers. Smart televisions and automobiles now have on-board computers and microphones, joining the ubiquitous smartphones, laptops and tablets that have had microphones and cameras as standard equipment for a decade. That the CIA has created tools to turn them into listening posts surprises no one in the security community. The WikiLeaks documents include details of Weeping Angel where U.S. and British intelligence agencies developed ways to take over Samsung smart TVs equipped with microphones, forcing them to record conversations when the device appeared to be turned off. Keep all your operating systems patched and up-to-date, and don't click links or open email attachments unless you are sure they are safe.

WikiLeaks' CIA document dump shows agency can compromise Android, TVs


WikiLeaks has released more than 8,700 documents it says come from the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence, with some of the leaks saying the agency had 24 "weaponized" and previously undisclosed exploits for the Android operating system as of 2016. Some of the Android exploits were developed by the CIA, while others came from the U.S. National Security Agency, U.K. intelligence agency GCHQ, and cyber arms dealers, according to the trove of documents released Tuesday. Some smartphone attacks developed by the CIA allow the agency to bypass the encryption in WhatsApp, Confide, and other apps by collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied, according to the WikiLeaks analysis. The documents show the CIA "hoarding" undisclosed, or zero-day, exploits for a number of systems, despite promises from former President Barack Obama's administration to share the vulnerabilities with vendors, according to WikiLeaks analysis. The CIA declined to comment on the authenticity of the leaks.

What Is Weeping Angel? How To Stop Samsung TVs From Recording You Per WikiLeaks Latest Document Dump

International Business Times

Americans and techies around the world have long known that devices like Amazon's "Echo"-- or even many of Samsung's televisions--could be listening to their private conversations. Turns out, it's possible the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) could have as well. Part of WikiLeaks latest document dump Tuesday morning included the alleged revelation of a CIA hacking operation called "Weeping Angel," a program that specifically used Samsung's "smart" televisions as "covert listening devices," The New York Times reported. The newest disclosure from WikiLeaks contained more than 8,700 documents and, according to the site's press release, directly came from former U.S. government contractors who were worried about the activities of the CIA's Center for Cyber Intelligence, located in Langley, Virginia. Though it sounds religious and perhaps innocent, "Weeping Angel" was supposedly developed by the CIA's Embedded Devices Branch in tandem with the United Kingdom and homed in on Samsung TVs, according to WikiLeaks.