US government shutdown: Ripple effect on businesses

Al Jazeera

There are warnings the shutdown is slowing economic growth across the United States. Government workers who aren't getting paid are spending less, and that's having a ripple effect. Al Jazeera's Gabriel Elizondo has more from Washington, DC.

The Ripple Effect Chapter 1 Of The Great Rewrite

Forbes - Tech

We are amid the largest era of institutional change in the history of our planet. In a series of reports, here and in Forbes magazine, we will explore the profound forces at work in business and beyond.

Ripple Effect? Amazon's $15 Wage May Help Lift Pay Elsewhere

U.S. News

Amazon's announcement Tuesday that it will raise its minimum wage to $15 an hour will intensify pressure on other companies to lift their pay levels as well. Among the most likely to do so: Amazon's rival retailers and warehouse operators, many of which are facing the prospect of staff shortages as they ramp up for the holiday shopping season.

Sears' Bankruptcy Will Have Ripple Effect, Not All of It Bad

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Suppliers won't get hit as hard as when Toys R Us filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy and then liquidated a few months later, experts say. That's because many suppliers, nervous about Sears not paying their bills, have increasingly tightened their payment terms to protect themselves, according to Michael Cipriani, executive vice president of Rosenthal & Rosenthal, a company that makes cash advances to suppliers based on the goods they sell to merchants. Even his firm has stopped offering insurance to suppliers who want to sell to Sears.

The Latest: BLM Worker Warns Shutdown Has Ripple Effect

U.S. News

The Latest: A furloughed federal worker for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada says the government shutdown will have a ripple effect on federal land management that lasts far longer than the shutdown itself.