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Facebook opens its Workplace Chat desktop app to everyone


Facebook brought its Slack-competing service out of private beta last year and rebranded it as simply'Workplace.'

Facebook briefly hid its 'delete' option on posts, and users panicked


Facebook users who maybe posted some, um, interesting things in their formative years have always been able to take comfort in their ability to delete those posts when it comes time for a job interview or two.

Facebook's Workplace chat app brings screen sharing to the desktop


It seems like everyone wants to take on Slack these days when it comes to virtual office systems. The latest is Facebook, which, according to TechCrunch has quietly added screen sharing and released a desktop client to its Workplace chat app. The program is available for both Mac and PC, and this could signal that similar moves are en route to consumers. That could take a bit, though. As of now, the desktop client is in beta.

Facebook's discovery-minded Explore Feed comes to your desktop


For a while, Facebook has offered an Explore Feed on mobile devices to help you discover stories beyond the friends and pages you already follow. Now, it's ready to bring that experience to your PC: Facebook has confirmed that it's officially rolling out Explore, including on the desktop. Visit the "see more" section and you'll find an Explore Feed option that shows posts Facebook thinks you might like based on both your own tastes and what's popular. If your usual News Feed seems overly familiar, you can break loose and try something new.

How to simplify Facebook's interface on the desktop


Today's tip is a little frivolous, but it's Friday so what the heck. I use Facebook a lot, but I really don't like how it looks on the desktop. There's just so much stuff in the interface--especially on the left side of the news feed--and most of it I rarely use. That's why I was glad to hear about the recent changes to a Chrome extension called Flatbook that makes Facebook on the desktop a lot cleaner. The extension has been around for a while but recently upgraded its look.