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NFL, Twitter announce more content, including 30-minute show

Boston Herald

The NFL will provide more content on Twitter, using the social media platform to air a 30-minute show five days per week during the season. A deal between the NFL and Twitter announced Thursday also includes using Periscope and Twitter for pregame coverage, highlights, historical content, breaking news and analysis. The NFL will produce the live digital show during the season on Twitter, and it will be hosted by NFL Network talent. It will cover breaking news, game highlights and fantasy projections. The NFL and Twitter have had a partnership since 2013.

Teacher's Twitter Post About Twitter Goes Viral

NPR Technology

A teacher in Kansas wanted to teach his third graders how quickly information can spread, so he sent a tweet explaining his lesson and asking people to retweet. It now has more than 180,000 retweets.

Twitter Employee Deactivates Trump's Twitter

U.S. News

An employee looking to write their name in history deactivated President Donald Trump's personal Twitter account Thursday evening. At around 7 p.m. users were met with the message "Sorry, that page does not exist" when they landed on Trump's Twitter. His account was down for 11 minutes.

Twitter thread explores questionable ways men, uh, decorate their bathrooms


Here's your chance to go deep in the bowels of a man's soul -- his bathroom. A Twitter thread posted Friday asked women what's the weirdest thing they've seen in a dude's bathroom. It starts off with a plunger-hairbrush hybrid contraption that must be used for plunging and then scrubbing the bowl. Whatever it is, it's weird. What follows is a lengthy collection of truly LOL-inducing photos showing some creative engineering, especially when it comes to toilet paper holders.

Who to follow on Twitter in Trump's America


Donald Trump has had many titles over the years, but he is most recently know as the President and Commander of Tweets of the United States of America. As of Jan. 20, Trump's America is a reality, so it's time to stay informed, stay sensible and start using POTUS's go-to method of communication in a positive manner. Mashable has put together a helpful Twitter List full of accounts you're going to want to follow to survive Trump's presidency as gracefully as possible. It provides a nice balance of political figures -- both Trump lovers and Trump haters -- and in the name of journalism, we've included some kickass writers and reporters who aren't afraid to share their voices. You'll be able to keep a watchful eye on Trump's cabinet members and favorite business leaders, along with following a cross-section of key racial justice, women's rights, LGBTQ, disability and climate groups to stay informed on policy progression.