The woman with her head in the clouds

BBC News

Lisa Wood says she is addicted to documenting the weather and takes photographs of the sky almost every day in the knowledge that she could soon lose her eyesight. It was a beautiful display of UFO-like lenticular clouds, which was seen in the Highlands four years ago, that inspired Lisa's interest in weather. "I think half of Nairn went outside to see those clouds," says Lisa, 44, who lives with her husband David in the countryside near the seaside town. "Since then I have taken photographs of the sky and the weather almost every single day. The only times I don't go out is if it is raining day-long, or I am feeling unwell. "In summertime, I set the alarm for 3am and get up to take pictures of the sunrise." Lisa does her homework before her trips outdoors to record the weather. She says: "I watch the weather forecast and check the BBC Weather app to get an idea of what the next morning will be like, but I will get up early anyway just in case there is something special about the sky.

Wow, Weather

The New Yorker

Have you seen the weather? It is so much weather right now, I'm considering staying home instead of dealing with all this weather. All I know is that NO ONE can drive in this weather. People from my state are the worst at driving, especially when weather comes. It's like they've never seen weather before!

UK weather: Spring 'postponed' as cold snap hits UK

BBC News

Britain is set for the coldest February week in five years as freezing air arrives from Russia.

Weather report interrupted by breaking news of good doggo walking across the screen


There's only one thing better than hearing a pleasant weekend weather forecast, and that is hearing a pleasant weekend weather forecast with a dog on screen. Josh Judge, weatherperson for news channel WMUR-9 out of Manchester, New Hampshire was giving a routine weather report recently when a large, floofy dog casually walked behind him. "So it's not the dog days of summer just yet," joked Judge, as the dog strolled off camera and he turned back to the weather report. The dog's name was later revealed to be Bella and she is a very good girl. Hopefully, more news stations will integrate canine correspondents into their weather reports.