How digital is your country? Europe needs Digital Single Market to boost its digital performance


The European Commission has published the results of the 2018 Digital Economy and Society Index (DESI), a tool which monitors the performance of Member States in digital connectivity, digital skills online activity, the digitisation of businesses and digital public services.

Infographic Digital Health and Care in the EU


This infographic gives an overview of the European Commission policy on transformation of health care in the Digital Single Market. It was published together with the Communication and Staff Working Document on this topic.

Europe favours a responsible Digital Single Market


The European Commission launched today the 3rd Data Economy Package aiming to assess emerging data issues to ensure a fair Digital Single Market. Also, the Communication on Artificial Intelligence (AI) was released – the EU's first step to look at the ethical questions surrounding AI. BusinessEurope Director General Markus J. Beyrer commented: "Comprehensive assessment is a good approach to foster digital technologies. Not every technological advance needs to be followed by legislation, only real market failures should be legislated for. The existing liability framework is fit for purpose.

Digital Single Market

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The rules will reflect new ways in which Europeans enjoy culture and entertainment services online when they travel around the EU. Europeans will soon be able to fully use their online subscriptions to films, sports events, e-books, video games or music services when travelling within the EU, according to the agreement reached by negotiators of the European Parliament, the Member States and the European Commission.