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Knowledge work has peaked. Experience workers are the new elite


The end of the 20th century was the moment of peak knowledge worker. The most valuable asset of a 21st-century institution, whether business or non-business, will be its knowledge workers and their productivity. But Drucker got it wrong. Two trends that were barely visible back then are reshaping the 21st century enterprise. Knowledge is still important, but today it has become a commodity.

Student Shares Experience of Losing Parents to Overdoses

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"It's one thing to maybe tell your close friends and family members, but the fact that he stood up in front of his entire class, entire school, that takes a ton of courage," said Nadine Machkovech of Rise Together, the group that led the assembly and asked students to stand if they had lost someone in their lives to addiction or suicide.

Ways That Artificial Intelligence Improving The Customer Experience


As one of the foremost trends in technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI) remains to grow in demand for marketers and sales specialists and has developed to be an indispensable mechanism for brands that want to give a hyper-personalized, outstanding customer expertise. The availability of AI-enhanced customer relationship software has made AI to the business without the high prices that earlier joined with the technology. A report showed that 39% of IT leaders are currently using AI or machine learning. AI has numerous applications for industry businesses, and in this blog, we will discuss ways that it can be practiced to enhance the customer experience. Now that we know what it takes to favorably implement artificial intelligence in customer experience.

Crash Survivor Shares Experience, Urges Others to Buckle Up

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"We thought it was a really good idea and good way to remind people to wear their seat belts, to show them their loved ones right in front of their face and tell them, 'Wear your seat belt for me.' What other reason would you need?" Alyson Simkins said.

AP Photographer Shares Experience Documenting Homelessness

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Hong has been an Associated Press photographer since 2007 and has been photographing Skid Row since transferring to Los Angeles in 2009. He also is part of AP's regular photo team covering the Olympics. His essay is part of the AP's ongoing examination of the homeless crisis along the West Coast.