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Blackberry and Qualcomm to partner on autonomous vehicle technology


Leading Canadian technology firm Blackberry has announced the expansion of its ongoing partnership with Qualcomm that will see the two companies collaborating on the development of technology for autonomous vehicles.

Qualcomm's new hardware will help mobile 5G get off the ground


If mobile 5G is going to become more than a nice idea, it needs the thorough coverage you expect today -- and that means putting it in the small cell sites that boost coverage in busy areas. And Qualcomm might just play a pivotal role in making that happen. The company is launching the first 5G New Radio platform (the catchily named FSM100xx) that brings gigabit data speeds to small cells. It can handle 5G on both regular frequencies and millimeter wave, and it promises to be helpful both indoors, where 5G's high frequencies don't always penetrate, as well as the great outdoors. It'll be a while before you can actually connect to a 5G network using Qualcomm's new tech.

Qualcomm launches Snapdragon 888: Everything you need to know


Qualcomm launched its latest Snapdragon 888 5G platform with advances on connectivity, camera technology and artificial intelligence. Snapdragon 888 will be coming to premium smartphones in 2021. The company typically launches its latest Snapdragon mobile technologies at its annual technology summit. Ziad Ashar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm, said the Snapdragon 888 is aimed at "always on" use cases with shared memory to move data with better performance per watt. The Snapdragon 888 has a revamped architecture using 5nm process technology.

Qualcomm unveils RFFE modem-antenna solution


Qualcomm Technologies has announced bolstering its RF Front End (RFFE) portfolio, taking the wraps off a modem-to-antenna solution for 600MHz/Band 71 spectrum. The 600MHz RFFE solution comprises the QPM2622 low-band power amplifier module (PAMiD) with integrated duplexers, switches, and an antenna coupler; the QAT3516 adaptive aperture tuner; the B1223 duplexer and B8356 diversity receive (DRX) filter; and support across the spectrum band for its previously announced QPA4360, QPA4361, and QPA5461 multimode GaAs power amplifiers. "QPM2622, QPM2632, and QPM2642 PAMiDs are designed for global SKU development with the premium Snapdragon 800 Mobile Platform tier. QAT3516, B1223, and B8356 support Snapdragon 800, 600, 400, and 200 tiers," Qualcomm explained. According to Qualcomm, the duplexer and DRX filter can also be used in third-party chipset platforms.

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