Hospital charges full delivery fee after Florida woman gives birth in car

FOX News

BOCA RATON, FL – A South Florida mother says she's being charged thousands of dollars in delivery charges even though she gave birth in a car in the hospital parking lot. Paula D'Amore tells WSVN-TV that wasn't how she expected to deliver her daughter, Daniella, who was born in the fire lane at Boca Raton Regional Hospital. D'Amore's husband caught the baby's head as nurses ran out of the hospital to help with the rest of the delivery. Seven months later, the hospital sent D'Amore a bill for $7,000, which is the full delivery fee. She says she planned for the birthing costs prior to delivery but since she never made it to the delivery room, she thought the hospital would adjust her bill.

Caring for and Insuring Patients: the Pros and Pitfalls

U.S. News

"We're at a time where there's a big change going on in health care delivery," says Dr. Mack Mitchell, executive vice present for health system affairs at UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. Medical care has become very complex over past decades, and the delivery of complex has become more complex with it, he says. It's now common to take a team approach to caring for patients, particularly for those with more involved care needs, while the focus of how care is reimbursed shifts to quality of care – and outcomes – and away from the volume of services provided.

Parcel delivery service Yamato set to hike delivery rates from Oct. 1

The Japan Times

Yamato Holdings Co., the nation's leading door-to-door parcel delivery provider, has announced that it will increase basic shipping fees for its door-to-door parcel delivery service from Oct. 1. It will be Yamato's first rate hike in 27 years in a move triggered by a serious staff shortage and surge in online shopping in the country, the firm said Friday. Yamato had previously said it would raise the shipping fees by the end of September. It decided on the new date as it is easier for individual customers to remember. The move came in response to pressure after it was revealed last year that many of Yamato's truck drivers were forced to work overtime without pay, prompting the company to retroactively pay ¥19 billion in unpaid wages to the drivers and other workers by July.

WATCH: Domino's Pizza Delivery Driver Eats Toppings, Then Delivers Order

International Business Times

A security service in Surrey, England, was monitoring a residential building's security cameras when it spotted a Domino's Pizza delivery driver entering an elevator and eating pizza toppings from the box which was yet to be delivered to the customer.