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How to use screen recording in iOS 11


One of those is Screen Recording, where you can record a video of what you're doing onscreen. SEE ALSO: Here's how to hide iMessage apps in iOS 11 Here's how to record your screen with iOS 11:. Once you've added it, the Screen Recording button will be in the bottom left corner. Tap the button to turn audio on before you start recording. To end your video, press -- you guessed it -- Stop Recording.

New HTC U 11 Promo Video Teases '360 Real-Life Recording'

International Business Times

HTC has released a new promotional video on its YouTube channel teasing that the HTC U 11 will feature "360 real-life recording." The upcoming flagship handset is expected to be officially revealed next week on May 16. The video shared by HTC on its YouTube channel features a person being circled by four people on motorcycles. The person in the middle appears to be recording a video of the motorcycles as they drive around him. The accompanying video description simply says "360 real-life recording.

Japan police fully recorded interrogations in 82% of lay judge cases in fiscal 2017

The Japan Times

Police interrogation processes were fully recorded, by audio or video, in 81.9 percent of criminal cases subject to trial under the lay judge system in fiscal 2017, the National Police Agency said Thursday. The number of such cases totaled 2,618 during the fiscal year, which ended in March. The revised criminal procedure law, which requires the full recording of interrogations in lay judge cases, is set to be enforced by June next year. The NPA started recording interrogations fully in October 2016 on a trial basis. In 223 cases, interrogations could not be recorded due to mistakes in operating the recording devices and other human errors.

iOS 11 Screen Recording: Here's How To Screen Record From Your iPhone

International Business Times

The iOS 11 update is out and users are finally getting to play with the new features and hidden tricks it has to offer. One new iOS 11 feature that was available in the beta version of the software that users are excited about is the screen recording capability. Not only is your phone getting an upgrade to its software, your screenshots are getting upgraded too because now you can screen record as you flip through photos or scroll through a conversation to then send to a friend. You can record without sound or you can narrate as you go to help give as much context and information possible for whatever you're recording on your screen. First you'll need to make sure you have iOS 11.

Guest Post: Getting Started with Graphic Recording


Data visualization professionals often focus on numbers, helping to tell the story of what, when, where, and how much. But more often than not organizations first need to better understand the why and how. Before there is a need to communicate key insights from quantitative data, there is always a need to communicate first about what insights will matter most to the people involved, and therefore what data to plan, collect, analyze, and present. Graphic recording is a method for using visuals to support communication and understanding during real-time dialogue. Hand-drawn illustrations allow teams to simultaneously collect, analyze, and report information about people and groups.