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Apple is reportedly in talks to buy automaker McLaren

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Update: McLaren spokesperson JP Canton responded with the following: "We can confirm that McLaren is not in discussion with Apple in respect of any potential investment." The auto industry and the tech world may about to get a new power player: Apple reportedly in talks to buy the high-performance car company McLaren, according to the Financial Times. The two firms have been talking for several months about plans to have Apple make a strategic investment in the McLaren Technology Group or buy it outright, the article said, citing "three people briefed on the negotiations." McLaren Technology Group includes McLaren Automotive, McLaren Racing and McLaren Applied Technologies. Apple declined to comment on the report.

McLaren is selling one of the rarest and fastest supercars ever built


Here's your chance to own a piece of automotive history: British supercar maker McLaren Automotive has announced that it will be selling one of the last F1 supercars ever built. This is momentous for several reasons. First, only 64 F1 road cars were ever produced during the 1993 to 1998 production run. What's more, this one, which was built in 1998, is one of only six made that year. This one, chassis number 69 was never sold to a private owner.

Would Apple really buy supercar maker McLaren?


Apple's automotive plans might not be as grand as they used to be, but that isn't ruling out some bold moves. Financial Times sources claim that Apple is considering a major stake in supercar maker McLaren, whether it's a "strategic investment" or a full-blown acquisition. It's not certain what Apple's exact strategy would be with this deal, but it's reportedly eyeing McLaren for its engineering talent, technology and patents. And while there's no guarantee that the talks will lead anywhere, the tipsters say they started several months ago -- this isn't just a casual fling, if true. Neither Apple nor McLaren is commenting on the rumor.

The machine that learns how to stop whistleblowers


An example of whistleblower behaviour taken from Harry McLaren's slides Workplace surveillance is nothing new, but this slide from Harry McLaren's talk on Machine Learning for Threat Detection illustrates particularly well the challenges facing journalists wishing to protect whistleblowers. McLaren is talking about malicious threats, and the way that machine learning can be used to identify suspicious patterns of behaviour. But the example given above is equally useful in illustrating the way that similar behaviour might be used to identify an employee intending to whistleblow on illegal, unethical or dangerous behaviour by his or her organisation. Data Loss Prevention (DLP), network forensics, and content management technologies are already being used to prevent such leaks, but machine learning adds a new dimension to the field. The point for journalists is that collections of small actions – including those which protect the whistleblower – can be just as compromising as obvious oversights like a lack of information security.

McLaren will join Formula E in 2023


Team news is starting heat up ahead Formula E's Gen3 debut next season, and today one of the bigger expected announcements was made official. Ahead of the Berlin E-Prix, McLaren Racing announced its move to Formula E for season nine, committing to fielding a team when the series' new spec makes its first competitive laps. Rumors began to swirl weeks ago that the company was coming to the all-electric racing series. True to the reports, McLaren will acquire the Mercedes-EQ Formula E Team. Current team principal Ian James will remain to ensure "a smooth transition."