Self Assessment Why do we wish to be a Data Scientist?


All of us know and Google Trends have validated the fact that anyone even remotely associated with'data' wants to be a'Data Scientist'. Be it professionals or high school students, this is the latest craze of technology world. There has been a huge surge in the number of people who have enrolled in one or the other eLearning portals like Udemy, Coursera, DataCamp, etc. Leaderships are ready to change their innovation strategy focusing more on churning of their used/unused data to get insights of every aspect of their present/future business model. Even small businesses like the restaurant in the city center downtown wants to strategically classify their guests and with all this buzz around, I literally needed to live on an isolated island to stay away from this. Allow me to begin with a thought-provoking analysis of aspiration agenda for this new generation aspirants by Eric Weber.

The Complete Python Course for Machine Learning Engineers


"I took a few of your courses and you are an amazing teacher. Your courses have brought me up to speed on how to create databases and how to interact and handle Data Engineers and Data Scientists. I will be forever grateful." "By taking this course my perception has changed and now data science for me is more about data wrangling. Welcome to The Complete Course for Machine Learning Engineers.

How machine learning creates new professions -- and problems


Give us your feedback Thank you for your feedback. It is not often that a new profession springs up almost overnight. It is also unusual for many of the people who find their way into this new field to do it without the formal training provided by the normal institutions of higher education. Machine learning, as well as the allied field of data science, is developing in a way that looks unlike most other professional career paths that preceded it. It represents both one of the most promising employment opportunities of the next few years and a model for how people entering the workforce today adapt to changes in employment demands in future.

Best Masters in Data Science and Analytics in US/Canada


Selecting the right master's degree today is not an easy task. For Big Data and Analytics, there are plenty of options to choose from different sources like Coursera, Udemy, and many others. However, some might be looking for a on-campus program from a recognized institution. Others may be more inclined towards a more affordable higher education option. In this post, we have summarized a list of programs from recognized public and private institutions, with different ranges of costs, and a wide variety of curriculums.

Bayesian Machine Learning in Python: A/B Testing


I am a data scientist, big data engineer, and full stack software engineer. For my masters thesis I worked on brain-computer interfaces using machine learning. These assist non-verbal and non-mobile persons communicate with their family and caregivers. I have worked in online advertising and digital media as both a data scientist and big data engineer, and built various high-throughput web services around said data. I've created new big data pipelines using Hadoop/Pig/MapReduce. I've created machine learning models to predict click-through rate, news feed recommender systems using linear regression, Bayesian Bandits, and collaborative filtering and validated the results using A/B testing.