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The Persado Platform Explained Persado - Cognitive Content Platform


Persado's platform generates the most persuasive language for communications designed to drive action. The software uses semantic algorithms to map emotions and generate language for marketing communications such as emails, landing pages, mobile, push notifications and social media.

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Our cognitive content platform generates language that inspires action. Named a Cool Vendor by Gartner.

Platform Persado - Cognitive Content Platform


Persado is a computerized system that writes natural language to obtain direct marketing goals: to consistently inspire action in any given audience. Our automated machine-learning platform tests millions of words, phrases, and images; collects data; and understands, at scale, consumer reactions to targeted language in calls to action. The engine of the commercial internet is propelled by short, digital marketing messages. Persado is its first qualified driver.

Persado Props: The Best Email Subject Lines of 2017


"[brand] invites you to be part of our inner circle" This brand looking to increase its email list made consumers feel special and important with an exclusivity-based subject line to give potential members a taste of VIP treatment. "It conveys the sense of belonging to a very elite group and getting privileges that others won't get," Dessenon said. "FOUND: Your statement coat of the season" Dessenon commended the use of FOUND to evoke fascination. "[It] help[s] the recipient feel like the brand has solved a problem for him or her," she noted. "The all-caps'FOUND' catches the eye and also is a subtle play on'LOST' posters."