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As the population grows, many facilities, amenities and even day-to-day destination became harder to access. In cities, for instances, population expansion results in clogged transportation systems that are characterized by persistent traffic jams. Besides, many sectors of the economy and activities associated with them such as conservation, surveillance, data collection and many such undertakings continuously need enhanced technology to reduce the number of working hours involved. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones have provided solutions to many of the undertakings mentioned here above. Such solutions continue to deliver cutting-edge innovations that make the said daily processes a lot easier.

How DEEP AERO's Autonomous, Drone-powered Logistics and Transport Economy Works - Global Coin Report


Manned flight has been a staple of modern transport and logistics for over half a century -- but not without problems. Our current infrastructure for transporting people and goods in the skies has become strained with the rising demands of the globalized economy. DEEP AERO is developing a foundation for a new type of infrastructure: a drone-based ecosystem, complete with an air traffic control platform, a drone marketplace for on-demand logistics and transport, and more -- all securely stored and transacted on DEEP AERO's blockchain. The rising globalized economy can no longer be dependent upon antiquated methods and technology that was designed for the 20th century. The skyrocketing demand for global commerce and travel is limited by our capacity to transport goods and people in a timely, cost-effective way.

DEEP AERO is Building Tomorrow's Drone Economy Powered by Blockchain and AI - Global Coin Report


As globalization continues to push e-commerce and international travel to new highs, traditional modes of transport and logistics have become increasingly stressed to keep up with demand. Today's global economy is more reliant than ever on yesterday's outdated infrastructure, which is increasingly bogged down by traffic-stricken highways and crowded skies. One company sees this burgeoning challenge as the perfect opportunity: use today's most disruptive technologies to create a more efficient, autonomous, and self-governing cargo and transportation economy. DEEP AERO -- an innovative blockchain company -- is developing an aviation economy powered by AI, blockchain, and drones that will act as an on-demand logistics system, and later, a fully-functioning transportation system capable of private transportation. The current international medium of aviation and flight logistics is overburdened by the skyrocketing demand of a growing global middle class of developing countries and businesses that service this class.

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DEEP AERO is a forward-looking company that will revolutionize the sale and management of drones using blockchain, AI and machine learning technology. Drones are not commonplace today but are set to change the way we travel, deliver items and grow food. DEEP AERO is preparing for the near future where drones will need their own air management systems to avoid collisions, where the purchases of drones will be made regularly and where drone services will be needed for consumer transport. When the number of drones increases, the main problem that arises is how to provide safety and ensure they don't crash into each other. Drones need a special traffic management system, a similar to the one currently used for planes, which will connect them on a global scale.

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You may have seen them, heard about them, read about them, or even played with a toy version. But, the reality is, very soon DRONES will be everywhere! Until recently, drones have been used largely for military applications. But, with the skyrocketing growth of the world's population and the rapid urbanization patterns that we are experiencing, where large concentrations of people continue to settle in the popular metropolitan areas across the planet, we are running out of land – fast. And, our major road and rail transport infrastructure and systems are barely coping currently, trying to move people & cargo to their destinations on a 24/7 basis.