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Drone Technologies To Help DOT's Save Time During Inspection


The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) mentioned that they have been using drones for surveying data and traffic videos. "The maintenance team was very happy to have aerial video. It also is going to help from a standpoint of how much it costs. Flights using an airplane are more expensive than flying a drone," said Doug Nintzel, the agency spokesman. The ADOT's drone fleet is rising, and drones are also used for bridge inspections and geotechnical work.

Drone Rescued 65 People Over Past Year – DEEP AERO DRONES – Medium


According to the DJI's report, around 65 people have been rescued by drones in the last year. The report, "More Lives Saved: A Year Of Drone Rescues Around The World," features the innovative drone technology, and the rapid adoption by first responders to increase the pace of drone use in critical public safety missions. Reports have also stated that drones have dropped buoys to struggling swimmers in Australia and Brazil, and found helpless people in fields, rivers, and mountains. Approximately, 22 out of 65 "were at great risk of death, such as stranded in a body of water or exposed to hazardous weather." "Drones allow rescuers a way to find missing people, deliver supplies like food and life vests, and cut search and response times from hours to minutes," says Brendan Schulman, DJI's Vice-President of policy and legal affairs.

Boeing blockchain AI drone venture approved by FAA & More In Today's Blockbrief


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Meet The Sensor-Carrying Drones – DEEP AERO DRONES – Medium


Drones, providing a bird's eye view, keep on innovating and offering something new. The sensor-carrying drones are a hot buzz these days. The new hardware and software that can coordinate sensor carrying drones would help in evaluating local atmospheric conditions, measuring electronic signals, and mapping the areas. "The system is designed to be application-agnostic in the sense that you can use our APIs and libraries to build any kind of autonomous solution that you want," says Kevin Lin, an engineering student of Rice University. The team with the engineers developed a platform that can carry out a wide range of sensing tasks on its own.

Percepto's Sparrow Drone To Be Deployed For Power Plant Inspection In Italy


Drones have become the ultimate option for monitoring, surveying and inspection. Enel, the multinational energy company has implemented this strategy and selected Percepto's Sparrow system to monitor the Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant in Italy. The Sparrow's AI and computer vision technology will allow it to operate as independently as possible, and the collected aerial footage, photography is transmitted to Enel in real-time. "While drones are touted as the technology of the future, the ability to act autonomously unlocks their true potential, enabling them to act as a responsible, independent and smart team member that provides not only a bird's eye view of facilities, but real, actionable insights," said Percepto CEO, Dor Abuhasira. The goal is to introduce cost-effective and practical drone support to a business model attempting to continuously refine itself.