Yale auctioning off furniture, items from historical halls

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The school is turning the connected halls into a campus center following a $150 million donation from an alumnus. The renovated building, scheduled to open in 2020, will be called the Schwarzman Center. It is designed to be a central location for students to meet, eat and view performing arts. To make way for the renovation, the school is holding two online auctions for the stuff it no longer needs in Commons and Memorial halls. That includes professional-grade kitchen equipment, appliances, fixtures, tables and over 1,000 chairs.

Inside the Battle to Rule the Smart Kitchen of Tomorrow


Kitchen architect Johnny Grey gives smart, inspired speeches that could be TED Talks. He speaks about the things you'd expect from somebody dedicated to kitchen design, like light, and where you stand to cook. But he also introduces concepts like the physical invitation of a space and the allure of imperfection. A bit loopy, maybe, but he always bases his designs on how people work in and interact with a space, and with each other. The kitchen should be functional, of course, but it should be a social, inviting spot that revolves around people.

4 home renovation projects to boost resale value

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From painting to molding to new countertops, these upgrades can attract potential buyers. Savvy homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to boost their property's resale value. If you're not living in your forever home and plan to sell in the future, a renovation can make a big impact on your home's worth. While the thrill of buying a fixer-upper might appeal to some folks, the reality is that taking on lengthy, backbreaking projects -- like overhauling the kitchen or bathroom -- is not everyone's cup of tea. "People buying may not have the greatest imagination, and they want to walk into something that's turnkey," says Sandy Scheinman, a real estate salesperson at Douglas Elliman Real Estate in New York City.

7 reasons dad's a hero

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There's a greeting card that sits on our bathroom counter. The cover reads, "You're still the hottest guy in the room." I gave it to my husband for his birthday last year, but it remains on our counter to this day because I want this man of mine being reminded every morning of what I wrote inside -- of just why he's still the hottest guy in the room. See, most mornings when I come downstairs I find a copy of Jodie Berndt's book, "Praying the Scriptures for your Children" opened up and face down on the kitchen counter, alongside an empty cup of coffee. I know, on these mornings, that my husband spent a few moments praying for our kids before taking off for work.

Which style kitchen is right for your home?

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You already know that your kitchen is the heart of the home. And the style you select--well, that depends on the way you choose to live. The concept of the kitchen has evolved from a place where you cook and feed your family, to the home's prime entertainment space. Changes in home design (hello, open floorplan) have changed the kitchen's gestalt from a closed-door workspace to an area that's as beautiful as it is functional. If you're thinking of renovating, you're probably already trying to figure out what type of kitchen will work best for you, your family, and your guests.