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Excel Workbooks: Three-dimensional workbooks and other number-crunching powers


Excel workbooks are the next step after you've mastered the single Excel spreadsheet. Going back to the ledger idea we used in our Excel spreadsheets guide, think of the workbook as the ledger (or book), and the spreadsheets as the pages inside that book. We'll dive deep into Excel workbooks in this guide, starting with the basics and adding more over time--so bookmark this page and come back to keep learning more. Spreadsheets and workbooks are closely related. When you open Excel, the software displays a blank worksheet (called sheet1).

Tokyo aid helps Malaysia solve Japanese-language teacher shortage

The Japan Times

KUALA LUMPUR – Japan has granted a Malaysian school $68,985 in financial aid for teacher training to ease a shortage of Japanese-language instructors in the nation.

'Poop' food reigns as Unko Sensei visits Namjatown

The Japan Times

A family-oriented indoor theme park in Tokyo is now covered with "poop" after joining hands with a popular children's workbook on kanji that includes a heavy dose of toilet humor. Namco Ltd.'s Namjatown in the busy Ikebukuro district will offer food and attractions based on Unko Sensei (Mr. Poop) until Aug. 31. The bright yellow character with glasses and mustache appears in the highly successful writing workbook series "Unko Kanji Doriru" ("Poop Kanji Drills"). The theme park sells seven different dishes, including Unko Sensei's sweet curry and Unko Sensei cotton candy. A kanji-learning attraction also allows participants to fight Unko Dragon at the Unko Castle by solving kanji problems.

Student workbooks flying off shelves amid Japan's coronavirus school closures

The Japan Times

Student workbooks are flying off bookstore shelves in response to the emergency school closures requested by the government to slow down the coronavirus outbreak. Parents say they are buying the workbooks, which typically contain practice problems and other learning-related content, as homework for their children so they don't fall behind in their schoolwork and to help keep them occupied. According to a ranking of book sales for the week to March 1, announced by major book brokerage firm Nippon Shuppan Hanbai Inc., or Nippan, the top 100 included 17 workbooks and study guides. No such book was on the prior week's top 100 list. Comic books and paperbacks are not included in the ranking.

Rohingya children in Malaysia, an undocumented life

Al Jazeera

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Many of the approximately 150,000 (PDF) Rohingya who live in Malaysia came here hoping to be relocated to other countries through UNHCR programmes, but some of them have made Malaysia their home, despite the fact that they have no legal status and face many hardships as a result. Many Rohingya refugee children are born in Malaysia, and remain stateless owing to the undocumented status of their parents. According to Chia Wei, founder of The Berani Project, the main consequences of this undefined status and lack of identification documents is that the children are "cut off [from] the basic child's rights to education [and] healthcare." The Berani Project is a social enterprise advocating and creating opportunities for the Rohingya communities and other marginalised people in Kuala Lumpur. Wei explains that "many [children] are forced to work from a young age to help their families".