Cisco Webex Contact Center Adds AI and Voice Capabilities


Baker Johnson, Contact Center Chief of Staff at Cisco, said all three acquisitions will significantly enhance the Cisco's capabilities for its entire portfolio. "Accompany will support personalization for routing and resource matching in the contact center by leveraging its People Profiles capability and bring new information for call center routing decision," he said. "Voicea brings AI-driven natural language speech transcription capabilities to both our meetings and our contact center portfolio. This can be used to identify customer trends and concerns before, during, and after an interaction."

Huawei Enhances Consumer Product Lineup With P10 Smartphone And Watch 2

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Following the announcements of the Mate 9 for business users and the Honor 6X for on-line purchases, Huawei is using MWC to launch its consumer-centric products. The company launched the P10 and P10 Plus smartphones and its second-generation smartwatch Watch 2. The P10 and P10 Plus leverage the same Kirin 960 processor used in the Mate 9 with enhanced hardware and software application capabilities. The P10 series includes dual cameras with Leica lenses front and back. The most interesting features of the new devices, however, is the expansion of the artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities of Hiborg and the addition of Highlights. Hiborg is an AI framework that analyzes how a device is used and information about the users.

Learning in Broker Agent

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One of the common ways to achieve interoperability among the autonomous agents is to use a broker agent (or a facilitator). The idea is, on the one hand, individual agents can advertise their capabilities to the broker agent; on the other hand, an agent can also ask the broker agent which agent(s) has certain capabilities (ask for recommendation). Simple broker agents provide matchmaking services based on the capability information volunteered by individual agents and the (recommendation) request. The problem is, even with a very good agent capability description language and a powerful matchmaking mechanism (such as LARKS), if the actual capability information volunteered by each individual agent is not accurate, it won't be of much help. Given that the autonomous agents might be written by different people, at different time, and for different purpose, this is likely to occur.

Why You Must Launch a Voice Banking Strategy Now


Regardless of available budget or staffing, there are steps your institution can take to start learning how voice will play a part in your digital strategy.