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Note that there is also a repository of this article with all the resources clearly identified for you to follow in order as well. In my opinion, the best way to start learning anything is with short YouTube video introductions. This field is no exception. There are thousands of amazing videos and playlists that teach important machine learning concepts for free on this platform, and you should definitely take advantage of them. Here, I list a few of the best videos I found that will give you a great first introduction to the terms you need to know to get started in the field.

This is stifling Machine Learning Research


Most of my content revolves around machine learning research/ideas. There is a reason for this. While coding-heavy tutorial articles/videos are more popular and valuable, technologies change over time. My goal is to take these complex machine learning concepts that are often found in papers/research and introduce them to you so that you can choose what tool you need to use in your specific context. In it, I will take a step back and talk about the peer review system.

How to think like a data scientist to become one


We have all read the headlines – data scientist is the sexiest job, there's not enough of them and the salaries are very high. The role has been sold so well that the number of data science courses and college programs is growing like crazy. After my previous blog post I have received messages from people asking how to become a data scientist – which courses are the best, what steps to take, what is the fastest way to land a data science job? I tried to really think it through and I reflected on my personal experience – how did I get here? How did I become a data scientist?

So You Think You Can Be A Data Scientist? – Tanmoy Ray


So, you think you can be a data scientist. But, are you sure you have it what it takes to excel in the data science field? It's a very complicated field, and getting competitive day by day. In this post, we will go through what the industry demands of a modern data scientist in the real world, how to become a data scientist, top platforms and resources to learn the data science skills, and career advice & job search tips from data science experts. The data scientist job is definitely one of the most lucrative and hyped job roles out there. More and more businesses are becoming data-driven, the world is increasingly becoming more connected and looks like every business will need a data science practice. So, the demand for data scientists is huge. Even better, everyone acknowledges the shortfall of talent in the industry. But, becoming a data scientist is extremely complicated and competitive. The career path of a data scientist is not going to be easy.

How To Go Into Data Science: Ultimate Q&A for Aspiring Data Scientists with Serious Guides - KDnuggets


What book would you suggest? There's no fixed path in learning as all roads lead to Rome. Reading materials is definitely a great start to understand the fundamentals which I did the same way as well! Just be aware of not trying to read and memorize nitty-gritty of the maths and algorithms. Because chances are, you'll forget everything without really applying the concepts to real problems when it comes to coding. Just know and understand enough to get yourself started and move on to the next step.