Microsoft rolls out more AI-infused healthcare services, software


While Amazon and Apple are looking at healthcare from the employee-consumption side, Microsoft is focusing on using its cloud assets to meet the needs of researchers and doctors.

Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market Looking For Healthcare Sector To Reach At US$ 9.5 Billion in 2023


The Global Healthcare Big Data Analytics Market of is expected to reach US$ 9.5 billion in 2023 from US$ 5.5 billion in 2016 with a CAGR of approximately 11.5%. Healthcare is a highly litigious and regulated industry. Over time, healthcare data has been created and accumulated continuously through patient records, radiology images, clinical trials and genomic sequences. With new technological advancements like m Health and Internet of Things (IOT), patients are now able to track their health data and share it with their respective physicians for any further remedies. The more data collected and analysed, the better medical insights gained.

Healthcare Delivery Providers Coursera


About this course: Welcome to the exciting world of Healthcare Delivery Providers! This second course in the Healthcare Marketplace Specialization will help you understand the various providers of healthcare across the U.S. delivery continuum. We will explore the unique value proposition of the various providers- from hospitals and clinics to physicians to community based providers. We will dissect this important value chain using various lenses such as- site of care delivery, people who provide the care and payers who pay for care. You will also learn about the challenges facing these providers and the innovations they are creating in order to help transform this important industry.

5 benefits of big data in health care


At the mention of big data, you may think of a large amount of data. However, big data is a combination of volume, variety, and velocity of data. For decades now, big data has continued to be used in a number of industries. Innovators have been waiting for big data to transform the healthcare sector in that big data can make it easy for a medical practitioner to diagnose an illness. We at the point where data can lead to huge changes in the healthcare industry.

Google's healthcare ambitions mean traditional players could be left behind.


As Google's parent company, Alphabet, continues its push into healthcare, it could spur more traditional healthcare technology companies to race to keep up, pushing the industry overall toward more dramatic change. If traditional companies don't innovate quickly, they will fall behind and might lose business, according to analysts and industry leaders. "Any time Google tries to enter your industry, that's a very big competitive threat," said Nilesh Chandra, senior leader in PA Consulting's healthcare business. "If healthcare data companies are serious about being big players, they'll need to accelerate their products and features to market." Chandra and others familiar with the healthcare and data industries expect Alphabet to develop products related to healthcare data and analytics, building on the company's data-processing prowess.