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Is Content Marketing Truly Timeless?


As a content marketer, I'll dote on content marketing for days--I just can't help myself. It's one of the best things that's ever happened to marketing and advertising, and marks a deviation from the hard-persuading borderline-manipulative advertising styles of old. If executed correctly, with a solid strategic backing, earning a high ROI is easy (especially over time), and almost any business in the world can take advantage of it. Among content marketing's greatest strengths are its practicality, its simplicity, its multifaceted effects, and its timelessness--the fact that it will be relevant forever. Then again, forever is a long time.

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Your Content Marketing


Imagine you took a world-class business writer and asked him to rate the quality of several pieces of content in a blind test. Would he be able to tell which ones were created by humans and which ones were produced by automated writing? Well, that's exactly what Mark Schaefer addressed recently. To find out that… "two of the top three posts were written by a computer." Given that Mark is one of the most respected speakers and writers on marketing, with a successful blog, an impressive audience and numerous publications, I wouldn't blame you if it sounded so.

The 4 Key Success Factors of Content Marketing


Maybe you just got started with content marketing in the past year, maybe you are planning to do so in the near future. Perhaps you are even an experienced content marketer? Whatever the case, there are people out there who came before you, and they have gained some insights over the years. We went around the world and looked at blog posts from successful content marketers in the US, Europe and Asia, and distilled their insights into the simple question, "What makes a good content marketer?" There Is Money In That Content Man! Now, let's look at the personal level.

7 Decisive Differences Between Strong and Weak Content Marketers


Our friends at Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs have released their 2018 B2C Content Marketing Benchmark and Trends Report. As always, it's stuffed with interesting facts and figures. I have always found this research to have a good pulse on the reality of the content marketing business, and this year is no different.

Content marketers increasingly looking at AI to supplement marketing needs


With AI or deep learning able to integrate with content marketing efforts, current data suggests that although 57.1% of US marketers remain unlikely to use AI or deep learning in their 2017 content marketing, a significant number felt differently. BrightEdge and Survey Monkey polled 1,019 marketers worldwide and found that a third (31.4%) of respondents said they would use AI to help flesh out their content marketing strategy this year. And an additional 8.7% said they were very likely to do so. Meanwhile, 2.8% said they're already using AI to develop their content efforts, eMarketer reports. Additionally, more marketers are likely investing in AI because they're confident there is a demand for it.