MLB Salaries 2018: 50 Highest-Paid Baseball Players This Season

International Business Times

When it comes to making the big bucks in American team sports, no one has it better than professional baseball players. The NFL is the country's most popular sport, but football players rarely get fully guaranteed contracts. The richest NBA players make the most money in terms of the highest yearly salaries, but basketball players can't sign deals for more than five seasons at a time. No salary cap in MLB means no limit on what players can make. That's why baseball players own 12 of the 13 most expensive contracts in American sports history, and more names will be added to the list in the near future.

Machine Learning Powers Australian Open Tennis Stars


What's the difference between the best tennis players in the world and those striving to reach the top five, or even the coveted number one ranking? The ability to execute the perfect forehand or deliver an ace at a crucial moment isn't merely about having the best skills. And, as players are trying to improve their games, machine learning is starting to influence how they make those split-second decisions. If you watch professional sports, the one things that stands out is that all the best players, such as those on show at the Australian Open being held at Melbourne Park at the moment, is that all the players are capable of producing incredible shots and, notwithstanding those carrying injuries, all are in peak physical condition. So, if all the players are highly skilled and physically fit, what's the difference?

NFL Owners Considering Rule Requiring Players To Stand During National Anthem

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As players continue to kneel or sit in symbolic protest during the national anthem on game days, NFL owners will deliberate a policy that would make it mandatory for players to stand, according to reports Tuesday. Team owners will discuss the possibility of the rule change during a meeting next week, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported. The league's current policy requires players to "stand at attention, face the flag, hold helmets in their left hand and refrain from talking." However, it doesn't penalize players who kneel in protest. The league states that players should stand during the national anthem and "honor the flag and the country," according to a letter sent to team presidents and chief executives by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Tuesday afternoon.

'CS:GO' pro kicked off team after complaining about players' rights


As of Friday, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Sean Gares no longer has a team. Following the publication of an open letter signed by 25 North American CS:GO players regarding players' rights and the Professional Esports Association (PEA) league, Team SoloMid CEO Andy "Reginald" Dinh informed his player Gares that he was going to look for a replacement. SEE ALSO: 'Counter-Strike' pros aren't happy with the new PEA league The letter detailed players' issues with the PEA, namely the league's lack of transparency with players and its attempt to block its league participants from competing in the similarly structured ESL Pro League. Dinh responded to the letter by contacting Gares, saying Gares should have communicated with him and the two ultimately parting ways. In their communication, Gares said, "At this point I don't feel safe or comfortable in your org.

In e-sports, it's the bosses who are rallying for a union

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A screen, center, shows a professional video game competition between teams sitting on either side. Unionization of players is a big topic in the industry after several years of fast growth. A screen, center, shows a professional video game competition between teams sitting on either side. Unionization of players is a big topic in the industry after several years of fast growth. With threats of strikes and retaliatory layoffs, and no shortage of sniping on social media, a battle last winter had the stamps of a modern-day union war.