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In this article, I report on the primary features of the IJCAI-07 program, including its theme, schedule, and organization. In particular, I discuss an effective and novel presentation format at IJCAI in which oral and poster papers were presented in the same sessions categorized by topic area. The theme of the conference was "AI and its benefits to society," with the aim of highlighting and raising our research interests for problems of direct relevance to society. It was our hope that the theme of the conference could also be discerned in the technical papers and that the work be used towards the realization of that goal. The theme was particularly evident in the invited talks.

STATLEARN 2019: April 4-5, 2019, Grenoble – 10th edition


The workshop Statlearn is a scientific workshop held every year, which focuses on current and upcoming trends in Statistical Learning. Statlearn'19 will be held in Grenoble on April, 4-5 2019. Statlearn is a conference of the French Society of Statistics (SFdS). A poster session, with some local food, is planned during lunch time where participants will be encouraged to present their own work. Poster session will be a great opportunity for young researchers to present their work.

Proceedings of the Doctoral Consortium and Poster Session of the 5th International Symposium on Rules (RuleML 2011@IJCAI) Artificial Intelligence

This volume contains the papers presented at the first edition of the Doctoral Consortium of the 5th International Symposium on Rules (RuleML 2011@IJCAI) held on July 19th, 2011 in Barcelona, as well as the poster session papers of the RuleML 2011@IJCAI main conference.

JHU Workshop on Sublinear Algorithms


We are organizing a Sublinear Algorithms workshop that will take position at Johns Hopkins College, January seven-9, 2016. The workshop will convey collectively researchers intrigued in sublinear algorithms, which include sublinear-time algorithms (e.g., assets testing and distribution testing), sublinear-room algorithms (e.g., sketching and streaming) and sublinear measurements (e.g., sparse restoration and compressive sensing). The workshop will be held ideal before SODA'16, which starts on January ten in Arlington, VA (about 50 miles from JHU). Participation in this workshop is open up to all, with cost-free registration. In addition to 20 great invited talks, the program will contain brief contributed talks by graduating students and postdocs, as well as a poster session.

Report on the 35th Annual Cognitive Science Conference

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Cognitive scientists with varied backgrounds gathered in Berlin to report on and discuss expanding lines of research, spanning multiple fields but striving in one direction: to understand cognition with all its properties and peculiarities. A rich program featuring keynotes, symposia, workshops, and tutorials, along with regular oral and poster sessions, offered the attendees a vivid and exciting overview of where the discipline is going while serving as a fertile forum of interdisciplinary discussion and exchange. This report attempts to point out why this should matter to artificial intelligence as a whole. Although the conference has been the major international venue for cognitive science research for a long time, appealing to all seven discipline pillars -- anthropology, artificial intelligence, education, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, and psychology -- this year's edition topped every past meeting in terms of number of participants. An impressive figure of more than 1000 accepted contributions, divided among oral presentations (274), posters (685), symposia, workshops, and tutorials, could be accommodated in the program only by increasing the number of parallel sessions to 11 and enlarging the three poster sessions.