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A 20-Year Community Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence Research in the US Artificial Intelligence

Decades of research in artificial intelligence (AI) have produced formidable technologies that are providing immense benefit to industry, government, and society. AI systems can now translate across multiple languages, identify objects in images and video, streamline manufacturing processes, and control cars. The deployment of AI systems has not only created a trillion-dollar industry that is projected to quadruple in three years, but has also exposed the need to make AI systems fair, explainable, trustworthy, and secure. Future AI systems will rightfully be expected to reason effectively about the world in which they (and people) operate, handling complex tasks and responsibilities effectively and ethically, engaging in meaningful communication, and improving their awareness through experience. Achieving the full potential of AI technologies poses research challenges that require a radical transformation of the AI research enterprise, facilitated by significant and sustained investment. These are the major recommendations of a recent community effort coordinated by the Computing Community Consortium and the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence to formulate a Roadmap for AI research and development over the next two decades.

Data Mining & Machine Learning Research - Three New PhD Scholarships


The successful candidates will join the Data Mining & Machine Learning Group and contribute to a new research project, ROCSAFE (see below) funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 Programme. The research is likely to involve one of: (1) advances in temporal Bayesian reasoning for decision support; (2) routing of autonomous vehicles for optimal collection of multi-resolution image and sensor data; (3) context-aware decision support driven by sensor data analytics.

Data Mining and Machine Learning: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms: The Free eBook - KDnuggets


We are pleased to announce the second edition of our book Data Mining and Machine Learning: Fundamental Concepts and Algorithms, Second Edition, by Mohammed J. Zaki and Wagner Meira, Jr., published by Cambridge University Press, 2020. The entire book is available to read online for free and the site includes video lectures and other resources. New to this edition is an entire part devoted to regression and deep learning. The fundamental algorithms in data mining and machine learning form the basis of data science, utilizing automated methods to analyze patterns and models for all kinds of data in applications ranging from scientific discovery to business analytics. This textbook for senior undergraduate and graduate courses provides a comprehensive, in-depth overview of data mining, machine learning and statistics, offering solid guidance for students, researchers, and practitioners.

Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity, and we, as machine learning experts, may wonder how we can help. Here we describe how machine learning can be a powerful tool in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping society adapt to a changing climate. From smart grids to disaster management, we identify high impact problems where existing gaps can be filled by machine learning, in collaboration with other fields. Our recommendations encompass exciting research questions as well as promising business opportunities. We call on the machine learning community to join the global effort against climate change.