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ICO Bounty programs are usually found on Bitcoin forums and now on ICO Bounty Hunt. ICO Bounty Hunt is a new site where you can find active bounty campaigns that are available and most suited for your your requirements. You can find all the information you need to know about ICOs and with their bounty campaign list.

Facebook Offering $40,000 Bounty If You Find Evidence Of Data Leaks


Facebook pays millions of dollars every year to researchers and bug hunters to stamp out security holes in its products and infrastructure, but following Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company today launched a bounty program to reward users for reporting "data abuse" on its platform. The move comes as Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg prepares to testify before Congress this week amid scrutiny over the data sharing controversy surrounding Cambridge Analytica, a political consultancy firm that obtained and misused data on potentially 87 million of its users. Through its new "Data Abuse Bounty" program, Facebook would ask users to help the social media giant find app developers misusing data, Facebook announced Tuesday. Similar to its existing bug bounty program, the Data Abuse Bounty program will reward a sum of money to anyone who reports valid events of data collection that violate Facebook's revamped data policies. "This program is complementary to our existing bug bounty program in that it'follows the data' even if the root cause isn't a security flaw in Facebook's code," the company explains.

Twitter algorithmic bias bounty challenge unveils age, language and skin tone issues


Twitter has released a detailed report on the results of its first algorithmic bias bounty challenge, revealing a number of areas where their systems and algorithms were found to have been lacking in fairness. The increasing scale of AI is raising the stakes for major ethical questions. Twitter machine learning engineer Kyra Yee and user researcher Irene Font Peradejordi noted that the bias bounty challenge that took place in August was partially spurred by complaints from Twitter users in October 2020 about an image cropping feature that was found to have cut out Black faces in favor of white faces. Users even illustrated the problem using photos of former US President Barack Obama, showing that his face, and any others with darker skin, were cropped out of images that instead focused on white faces in the same photo. Twitter committed to decreasing its reliance on ML-based image cropping and it began rolling out the changes in May 2021.

Meet the hackers who earn millions for saving the web: How bug bounties are changing cybersecurity


The first time Katie Paxton-Fear found a bug, she thought it was just luck. One of her friends had signed her up for an event in London, where hackers aim to find the vulnerabilities in a particular piece of software. Without any experience of cybersecurity beyond being a programmer and developer, she found one bug, then another. "To be fair, I thought it was a fluke," she says. But since then she's found 30 more security bugs. "It's kind of like playing Sherlock Holmes," says Paxton-Fear. "You feel like a detective, going in rooting around and saying, 'That looks interesting', and having a stream of clues," she says. "And, when you get all the pieces neatly together, and it works and there's a bug there – it's the most thrilling experience ever." But unlike a hacker looking for vulnerabilities to cause damage or steal data, Paxton-Fear is a bug bounty hunter.

SCAVO Bounty campaign - All information about bounty on BountyPlatform


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