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Developing Agile Methodologies for Algorithm Products - CityAM


Modern software methodologies have some catching up to do to accommodate data science practitioners. It was the early 2000s when The Agile Manifesto marked a step toward a more humane direction for software engineering by placing an emphasis on stakeholder collaboration and rapid feedback. This evolved into prescriptive frameworks like Scrum and Kanban that made these ideals achievable through a set of simple (albeit difficult) roles and processes. They largely serve to mediate interactions with engineers and have become industry standards because they're effective. Over time new roles have surfaced to address an ever-mounting volume and complexity of data and interactions. But process frameworks haven't really adapted to these new individuals at all.

Teenage Engineering will handle product design at Carl Pei's Nothing


Nothing, the London--based startup formed by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, has formally introduced Teenage Engineering as a founding partner. You may remember Teenage Engineering for its portable music creation tools like the OP-1 synth and its Capcom-themed pocket synths. Based on the announcement, you might see Teenage Engineering's fingerprints all over its future products, because the Stockholm-based company will be in charge of Nothing's design. Teenage Engineering CEO Jesper Kouthoofd has been named as Nothing's Creative Lead. Meanwhile, Tom Howard, the Vice Head for Teenage Engineering, is now Nothing's Head of Design.

Interview with Rich Mironov, Founder, Mironov Consulting - TechProductManagement


Rich Mironov is a serial entrepreneur, including as founder/CEO, VP Product Management and VP Marketing, as well as go-to-market strategist and agile "product guy". Rich is a veteran of six tech start-ups and dozens of consulting engagements. Since 2006, he's provided full-time and interim consulting/mentoring to large and small technology companies. This interview series provides one-on-one mentorship sessions with top executives in the Product world. You'll learn how they got to be where they are today, important lessons from their career, what they look for in a Product Manager, and more.

Product Manager - IoT BigData Jobs


If you are an active Vivint employee, please apply through Workday by searching "Find Jobs". If this is your first time applying you will need to create a candidate account when you click on apply. Functions and Responsibilities: Understand and contribute to the product vision and road map. Write clear and concise user stories and requirements, prioritizing development items to align with the product road map. Manage releases to ensure delivery, coordinating milestones across teams.

Second-Order Benefits Of Full Stack Experimentation

Forbes - Tech

Full Stack Experimentation has variety of potential second-order benefits that could impact the culture, communication patterns, and institutional memory of a company. While using experimentation can create a fast cycle of improvement for products and services, these second order benefits can actually change how a company does business. These ideas, which had been percolating for a while, crystalized as I participated in a panel on May 15, 2018 organized by Split Software hosted at the Data Dog headquarters in the New York Times building. Trevor Stuart, co-founder and chief product officer of Split, moderated and Gabrielle Gianelli, Engineering Manager at Etsy, Brian Crofts, Chief Product Officer at Pendo and Ilan Rabinovitch, VP, Product at Datadog joined me on the panel. In my past coverage of full stack experimentation I've focused mostly on the experimentation process itself (see "How Full-Stack Experimentation Enables Google-Speed Product Development"), although I had speculated that product market should be improved by experimentation ("Can A/B Testing and Full Stack Experimentation Inform Product Marketing?").