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Do you have benchmarks showing speed improvements over pandas? Pandas can be dreadfully slow, and a restricted implementation that uses only a subset of the "most useful" pandas features might be significantly faster. For instance, consider this benchmark for row and column access to a pandas DataFrame vs a dict of ndarrays columns. For row access, the fastest pandas way to iterate through rows (iterrows) is x6 slower than the simple dict implementation: 24ms vs 4ms. Furthermore, pandas DataFrame a column-based data structure is a whopping 36x slower than a dict of ndarrays for access to a single column of data.

Efficiently Store Pandas DataFrames


Good options exist for numeric data but text is a pain. Categorical dtypes are a good option. I need to read and write Pandas DataFrames to disk. Typically we use libraries like pickle to serialize Python objects. For dask.frame we really care about doing this quickly so we're going to also look at a few alternatives.



This page contains a curated list of examples, tutorials, blogs about XGBoost usecases. It is inspired by awesome-MXNet, awesome-php and awesome-machine-learning. Please send a pull request if you find things that belongs to here. This is a list of short codes introducing different functionalities of xgboost packages. Most of examples in this section are based on CLI or python version.

Oracle python pandas merge DataFrames


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Pandas Excel: Exercises, Practice, Solution


We have executed Python code in Jupyter QtConsole and used coalpublic2013.xlsl To get Jupyter QtConsole download Anaconda from here. Go to Excel data Note: Structure of the three datasheets are same. Go to Excel data Note: Structure of the three datasheets are same. Do not submit any solution of the above exercises at here, if you want to contribute go to the appropriate exercise page.