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Waymo's early rider program, one year in


Neha hops to the grocery store. They're all part of the Waymo early rider program we launched last April. Today, over 400 riders with diverse transportation needs use Waymo every day, at any time, to ride all around the Phoenix area. Their feedback helps us understand how fully self driving cars fit into their daily lives. One year in, our early rider program and our extensive on-road testing is helping us build the world's most experienced driver.

Google and Waymo are tackling the biggest obstacles on the way to truly autonomous vehicles


At Google IO today Waymo took the stage to discuss self-driving cars. Its big pitch: Waymo and Google have "unlocked truly autonomous vehicles." First up, Waymo and Google are making driverless cars safer for pedestrians. Google Brain and Waymo were able to to reduce the error-rate for detecting pedestrians by 100X (not 100 percent, but still!). The company showed off its AI's ability to detect pedestrians in incredibly obscure situations.

Waymo and Lyft Join Forces in the Obsessive Pursuit of Data


If the race for the self-driving was a TV sitcom, it'd be around season three or four--past the point where the guys and gals go on hilarious first dates, and reach the settling down phase, where the main characters get together: Audi and Nvidia, Microsoft and Volvo, Uber with Daimler. And in this week's episode, two main characters finally hook up: Waymo, Google's self-driving car spin-off, has just partnered with ridehailing service Lyft. They're getting together in the pursuit of the tools each needs to bring autonomous vehicles to consumers, and in turn generate profits from them. For Lyft, Waymo offers perhaps the most advanced tech in this budding industry. And for Waymo, Lyft offers data that could prove crucial in getting that technology in front of paying customers.

We followed Waymo's self-driving cars around Arizona for 170 miles: Here's what we saw

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A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. Waymo self-driving cars are seen Nov. 28, 2018, in Chandler. Emergency crews directed the afternoon traffic around the wrecked cars and fire engines at McQueen and Pecos roads in the Phoenix suburb in mid-October. The Chrysler Pacifica minivan -- equipped with former Google car company Waymo's self-driving vehicle technology -- approached the scene tepidly, while dozens of other vehicles merged into the turn lanes far sooner. A human driver in this situation might try to make eye contact with the drivers already in the crowded turn lane, or even wave, to try to cut in.

Waymo v Uber: Who stole what?

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Waymo, the self-driving car company spun out of Google, is locked in a legal battle with Uber, alleging the cab company stole its key technology.