I tried a WiFi hairbrush--and I wish I had one years ago

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CES always yields divisive new products, and this year's "smart hairbrush" might have you asking, "Are you serious, tech companies? Why do we even need this?" But as someone who struggled for years to repair damaged hair and learn how to take care of it, this product seems perfectly logical to me. My hair may be a thing of glory today, but it wasn't always. Growing up, I always wanted long hair.

Oh hey, they have smart hairbrushes now


L'Oreal has been gently getting into the technology game, first by partnering with Dr. John Rogers on a skin damage-tracking tattoo. Now, the cosmetics giant has hooked up with Withings to develop a smart hairbrush that's designed to keep your scalp at its best. The Kérastase Hair Coach, as it's called, was apparently inspired by people's apparent propensity to brush their hair too forcefully, causing long-term damage. In order to combat this, Withings used its engineering know-how to cram the brush with tech. That includes a microphone that can listen to the sound of your hair to offer insights on frizziness.

App-connected hairbrush will teach you to brush your hair better


You could be brushing your hair all wrong -- at least according to L'Oreal's new smart hairbrush. Called the Kératase Hair Coach, the brush uses an array of sensors and an app to "coach" users into brushing their hair more efficiently. The Wi-Fi enabled hairbrush is powered by Withings, and connects to your phone so you can track data it collects. The battery-powered brush is equipped with five sensors: an accelerometer, a gyroscope, a conductivity sensor, load cells and a microphone. The accelerometer and gyroscope detect motion (which direction you are brushing your hair); the conductivity sensor tracks whether your hair is wet or has product in it; and the load cells detect how forcefully you brush.

"I found my iPhone by the cheese"

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My wife had left it there by mistake a few hours earlier, and couldn't locate its whereabouts. That seemed pretty funny, so I posted a photo on Facebook. It turned out many people have some pretty amazing stories about where they left their phone by accident, as you can see in the accompanying video and podcast. Where's the oddest place you ever left your phone? We've got the transportation woes.