What do AI, blockchain and GDPR mean for cybersecurity?


It's possible that someone may be watching your screen--by listening to it. A recent study from cybersecurity analysts at the universities of Michigan, Pennsylvania and Tel Aviv found that LCD screens "leak" a frequency that can be processed by artificial intelligence to provide a hacker insight into what's on a screen. "Displays are built to show visuals, not emit sound," says Roei Schuster, a PhD candidate at Tel Aviv University and a co-author of the study with doctoral candidates Daniel Genkin, Eran Tromer and Mihir Pattani. Yet the team's study shows that's not the case. The researchers were able to collect the noise through either a built-in or nearby microphone or remotely over Google Hangouts, for example.

City Union loses $2 million in cyberattack, retrieves half


About $2 million was stolen from City Union Bank accounts last week after a cyberattack compromised the SWIFT messaging system with payment instructions being sent to other banks in multiple jurisdictions. The bank detected the transactions while reconciling accounts and about half the money has been retrieved, it said. The payments were later traced to Turkey, China and Dubai. Since our reconciliation system is very tight we could catch the attack in three attempts," said City Union Bank managing director N Kamakodi. "Within a span of one hour we could stop these attacks and we have so far recovered almost 50% amount that was taken from our accounts."

Abu Dhabi Hosts International Trade Show of Military Drones

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Among the top companies in attendance was General Atomics, a San Diego-based defense contractor known for its Predator drones. The UAE previously purchased some $200 million worth of surveillance-only Predator drones.

Louisiana Gov Travels to Israel to Talk Trade, Cybersecurity

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The group will return Nov. 2 after spending days in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. Going on the trip are Edwards' wife, economic development officials, business leaders and researchers in water management, logistics, higher education and cybersecurity.

ThetaRay raises $30 million to grow its AI-powered cybersecurity business


ThetaRay, a big data analytics company based in Hod HaSharon, Israel, today announced that it raised more than $30 million in a funding round led by Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), GE, Bank Hapoalim, OurCrowd, SVB Investments, and others. That puts its fundraising total to date at about $60 million. "In this era when criminal activity and money laundering are increasing and becoming more sophisticated and also regulation is on the rise, there is a greater demand for our solutions," Mark Gazit, CEO of ThetaRay, said in a statement. "As the amount of digital information grows, you just can't protect it without artificial intelligence systems. ThetaRay offers the most advanced and mature solutions to detect threats before they happen."