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Modex Partners With UiPath to Offer Log Immutability for RPA Robots


LONDON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Modex has partnered with UiPath, the leading enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, to enhance the traceability of operations involving software robots and improve governance by enabling immutability for activity logs. Through this global technological collaboration, Modex Blockchain Database (BCDB) has been integrated with UiPath Orchestrator through a series of connectors to enhance the traceability and the auditability of the data manipulated by software robots through the immutability provided by the Blockchain Database solution. Modex BCDB improves the security of the data collected and manipulated by software robots. Once data passes through the Modex BCDB solution, UiPath Orchestrator beneficiaries can rest assured that their information can never be tampered with. Besides immutability, the integration of Modex BCDB with the UiPath Orchestrator will streamline log access security by introducing permission-based policies and advanced encryption.

How Blockchain And Artificial Intelligence Compliment Each Other?


Blockchain Artificial Intelligence are two revolutionary technologies of this century. In this post, I am trying to find if they can be of help and complement with each other. Finding a relation between the blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies will help the scholars, technology integrators and innovators of both the fields. Blockchain technology is one of the greatest innovations of this century. The biggest advantage is security.

Child pornography links found in Bitcoin's blockchain


Some of Bitcoin's most important features -- the immutability and the distributed nature of its blockchain -- might spell trouble for the cryptocurrency. A German team of researchers have found some objectionable content within Bitcoin's blockchain, including links to child pornography and, possibly, at least one such image. Since the totality of Bitcoin's blockchain has to be downloaded in order to mine Bitcoin or run a full Bitcoin node -- a program that validates transactions on the network -- that means anyone who does so is in possession of potentially illegal content. SEE ALSO: 'Uber' co-founder Garrett Camp is creating a new cryptocurrency In the vast majority of cases, the data on Bitcoin's blockchain consists of a list of transactions on the network. But it is definitely possible to store data in the blockchain; in fact, the very first mined block in Bitcoin's blockchain contains a text message, left there by its creator Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blog Detail Strategic Systems International


Blockchain – the technology that is expected to store 10% of the world GDP by 2025, as predicted by World Economic Forum report, is no more in its conceptual stage. We moved closer to a sound financial future in 2017 as the blockchain technology unveiled many of its practical use cases. It was one of the most important years for the digital assets ecosystem. AI, on the other hand, has also undergone great transformation in the previous year. The AI researchers have finally cracked problems that they've worked on for years, from playing one of the most challenging of classical games for AI to human-level speech recognition.

AI and Blockchain - Super Cool or a Little Creepy? : @VMblog


If you're a tiny bit freaked out by the enormous potential of AI and blockchain, you're not the only one. When Dolly the sheep was cloned in the 90s, a pertinent question arose. Just because we can, does it mean we should? Just because AI and blockchain technologies combined may stop crimes before they happen, replace human jobs with robots, and assign every "thing" in the stratosphere an identity-does it mean they should? Are AI and blockchain combined super cool or a little creepy?