Christie hospital fire: Blaze in cancer research unit

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A fire has broken out in a research building attached to the world-renowned Christie cancer hospital. The blaze started at about 10:35 BST at the Cancer Research UK Manchester Institute on Wilmslow Road and involves the first floor plant room and roof space. The centre does not house patients but is attached to the main hospital. A small number of treatments have been postponed and some patients have been moved due to the smoke. Five patients who were prepped and ready for medical procedures were taken to other parts of the site so their treatment could continue.

Coinhive Exposé Prompts Cancer Research Fundraiser -- Krebs on Security


A story published here this week revealed the real-life identity behind the original creator of Coinhive -- a controversial cryptocurrency mining service that several security firms have recently labeled the most ubiquitous malware threat on the Internet today. In an unusual form of protest against that story, members of a popular German language image-posting board founded by the Coinhive creator have vented their dismay by donating tens of thousands of euros to local charities that support cancer research. On Monday KrebsOnSecurity published Who and What is Coinhive, an in-depth story which proved that the founder of Coinhive was indeed the founder of the German image hosting and discussion forum pr0gramm[dot]com (not safe for work). I undertook the research because Coinhive's code primarily is found on tens of thousands of hacked Web sites, and because the until-recently anonymous Coinhive operator(s) have been reluctant to take steps that might curb the widespread abuse of their platform. One of countless pages of images posted about this author by pr0gramm users in response to the story about Coinhive.

'Overwatch' skin raised more than $10 millon for breast cancer research


Back in May, Overwatch added its first paid skin for the much-loved (and sometimes loathed) healer Mercy. At $15, it was nothing to sniff at, but all proceeds went to a good cause, the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF). Blizzard has just revealed that the drive raised over $12.7 million. That's around six times the amount raised by the latest Games Done Quick charity speedrunning marathon. Together, we have raised over $12.7 million (USD) for @BCRFcure

10 things you can buy this October that will benefit breast cancer research

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In the United States, 1 in every 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, reports The fight to end this horrible disease, which will newly affect an estimated 255,180 men and women this year, is far from over--but strides to raise awareness and funds for research and treatment are increasing. October is a month in which Breast Cancer awareness and fundraising are at the forefront of the nation's attention. Many foundations, organizations, companies, and even sports teams will contribute to the national discussion and charity efforts this month. October's favorite color is pink, and it should be one of yours too--until a cure is found.

Institute of Cancer Research study suggest statins can help reduce breast cancer relapse

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Taking statins could help thousands of women avoid breast cancer returning after surgery, scientists have found. British researchers discovered that cholesterol can hamper the way common breast cancer drugs work, helping tumours become resistant to treatment. The breakthrough – described as a'crucial discovery' – suggests that taking cheap and readily available statins alongside cancer drugs could significantly increase survival rates. More than 53,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Britain each year. About 80 per cent of these suffer with a form that is driven by the female hormone oestrogen, called ER-positive breast cancer.