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Porsche builds 1 millionth 911

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On Thursday, the one millionth 911 rolled off the production line at Porsche's plant in Zuffenhausen, Germany. The car, a Carrera S finished in a special Irish Green paint, features numerous touches to highlight its significance. For example, there are special badges with "911 Nr. 1000000" marked on them. You'll also find a "1000000." But before all you collectors start salivating at the thought of owning the special car, note that Porsche plans to keep it for its official museum.

How do YOU say it?

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There are two types of people in this world: those who pronounce Porsche the right way and those who don't. If you ever wondered which one you were, you can now get the answer straight from the Porsche's mouth. Well, at least from someone who works there. We won't ruin the surprise. Just place your bets, turn up the volume, and watch the video below.

Porsche says 80 percent of its cars will be electric by 2030


Porsche is today updating the world on its financial results and, by extension, its plans to remain relevant in a world that's clearly not going to survive climate change. The German luxury brand said that it had seen sales leap by €4.4 billion (around $4.8 billion) and plenty of interest in its models. For the third year running, Porsche's pure-EV Taycan line managed to outsell the iconic 911, with 41,296 units of the electric ride out the door, while the flagship managed 38,464 units. To Mother Nature's chagrin, however, both were outsold by the Macan and Cayenne SUVs, which sold around 171,433 units between them. The company has said that it wants 80 percent of its sales to be "all-electric" by 2030, with an additional plan to be carbon-neutral at the same time. Part of that push will be led by a new version of the mid-engine 718, which will be released "exclusively in an all-electric form" at some point around 2025.

New Porsche 992 Listens to the Road to Weather the Wet


If you're looking for concrete evidence of evolution, consider the Porsche 911. In the five and a half decades since the sports car debuted, it has undergone myriad changes. The basics have stayed the same--two seats, engine in back, swoopy styling--as the details change. Last night, on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show, Porsche continued the process. The new Porsche 911, dubbed the 992, will arrive on dealer lots next summer.

Guntherwerks Revamps Porsche 993s for Just $525,000


When the artisans stepped into the Sistine Chapel with brushes in hand in the early 1980s, onlookers fretted that despite a meticulously planned, desperately needed effort to restore the color and verve of Michelangelo's frescoes, they would ruin one of the world's great cultural treasures. So it goes with beloved works of art, something that anyone familiar with the Porsche 993 would agree includes that remarkable sports car. The third generation of Porsche's venerable 911, built from 1993 until 1998, is perhaps the best loved. It retains the classic shape of the 911, a miraculous engine, and sublime handling. It's not for nothing that Road & Track once called the 993 "something truly special."