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The Last Gameboard raises $4M to ship its digital tabletop gaming platform – TechCrunch


The tabletop gaming industry has exploded over the last few years as millions discovered or rediscovered its joys, but it too is evolving -- and The Last Gameboard hopes to be the venue for that evolution. The digital tabletop platform has progressed from crowdfunding to $4 million seed round, and having partnered with some of the biggest names in the industry, plans to ship by the end of the year. As the company's CEO and co-founder Shail Mehta explained in a TC Early Stage pitch-off earlier this year, The Last Gameboard is a 16-inch square touchscreen device with a custom OS and a sophisticated method of tracking game pieces and hand movements. The idea is to provide a digital alternative to physical games where that's practical, and do so with the maximum benefit and minimum compromise. If the pitch sounds familiar… it's been attempted once or twice before.

Augmented Reality Is Going to Change Board Games for the Better


Apple, Facebook, and numerous other Silicon Valley companies have made big bets on augmented reality. The technology, which embeds virtual objects into the real world using your smartphone camera and screen or an AR headset, is still in its early years, but it's already proving compelling in a variety of applications. There are the animated faces of Apple's Animoji on the iPhone X and popular AR lenses on Snapchat; a growing number of interior and home design apps that help you visualize new furniture, color schemes, or materials in your house; and of course, games like Pokémon Go, which first popularized the idea of AR. Disney and Hasbro now offer AR helmets that transform your world into a Star Wars clone battle or turn you into Iron Man. Most recently, the iOS game Star Wars: Jedi Challenges has entered the fray.

LG to unveil a 65-inch OLED TV screen that unrolls from the ceiling at CES 2020

Daily Mail - Science & tech

LG will reveal an OLED TV that unfurls from the ceiling and another that'hangs like wallpaper' at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week. The 65-inch UHD Roll-Down TV can be stored in the ceiling and pulled down when desired or rolled up when not in use. Also on show will be a 77-inch UHD Film Cinematic Sound & Wallpaper OLED display that can be hung like wallpaper. The larger display has a wafer-thin screen and sound system that's embedded into the display. OLED video walls, made of 55-inch OLED displays installed on the wall of a plane, enable passengers to'feel more openness' in the narrow space of an enclosed cabin The devices point to'the future of home interior design', according to LG Display.

After books and vinyl, board games make a comeback

The Guardian

Forget Candy Crush, Fifa and Call of Duty – millennials are putting down their Xbox controllers and smartphones and picking up their dice as they embrace games their parents and grandparents used to love. More and more people are exchanging marathon gaming sessions alone in a darkened room for the social fun of board games. With bars and cafes such as Thirsty Meeples in Oxford, and Draughts in London having a library of more than 800 games catering for the "cocktails and Cluedo" set, board games – as with colouring books – are no longer just Christmas presents for children. The event, in its 12th year, caters for all aspects of tabletop gaming, from classic board games such as Monopoly, Scrabble and Cluedo to Warhammer and trading card games. Tony Hyams, director of UK Games Expo, says: "The event started in 2007, right in the teeth of the financial meltdown.

This Touchscreen Table Lets You Summon Board Games With a Tap


You probably have a whole stack of'em filling up a bookshelf or cabinet. If you're running out of valuable storage space, then the Infinity Game Table is the solution. It's a giant touchscreen tablet with legs that up to six people can sit around, and it packs nearly 40 digital versions of board games, including Monopoly, Scrabble, and Battleship. It has become a fast favorite in our household, particularly with my 9-year-old daughter, but there's something here for the whole family. Beyond the board game selection, there are jigsaws, Sudoku puzzles, word searches, and even a coloring app.