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Amazon's notification feature on Alexa is now running, which means you'll be able to get notifications if you have the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Show or a compatible Alexa-enabled device. You can opt-in for what features you want Alexa to notify you about, but as of now Alexa can only tell you about packages are out for delivery, according to Amazon Fire TV & Fire TV Stick News. Amazon announced exclusive deals for Alexa Prime users. Telling the voice assistant: "Alexa, sign me up for Prime," will allow users to sign up for the one-year membership for $79.

How to enable Android notifications on the Windows 10 preview


When you're tapping away at the computer it's quite a nuisance to stop what you're doing for the buzzing, ringing nag of a smartphone that's on your desk. Each vibration or bing usually means another text message, email, sports score, or gaming update that distracts from what're doing. It may not be that way for long. After teasing that Android notifications would come to the Windows 10 Anniversary Update this summer, the feature is already available if you're on a Windows Insider build--and you're willing to share some data with Cortana and put up with the usual bugs that come with unfinished software. Leave your phone on the desk and let Android notifications come to you.

Amazon just added notification alerts to Alexa, which is the worst feature ever


In a move that's sure to destroy your sanity, Amazon is giving Alexa one of the most hated features in the world: notifications. The company announced Alexa's new Notifications feature on Tuesday, stating that the addition is "a way [for Alexa] to proactively signal new content is available from skills and domains." Until recently, Alexa couldn't speak or do anything until a user said the wake word. The first big exception to this rule came when Amazon announced a calling and messaging feature for Alexa devices earlier this May. SEE ALSO: 'Alexa, bring me a beer from Prime Now' is now possible, and life is beautiful Now, however, Alexa can chime in without instructions to "alert customers with information that's important to them."

Amazon Echo's Alexa is getting push notifications, but they won't annoy you


Alexa, Amazon's digital assistant, has more than 12,000 skills available, and in the coming weeks some of them will be able to send notifications to your Echo and other Alexa-enabled devices. To start, just four skills will have notifications available including AccuWeather, JustEat, Life360, and The Washington Post. Shopping updates from Amazon's storefront are also coming presumably for item price tracking and the like. Amazon didn't say when notifications would go live for users other than it will happen "soon." These notifications won't work the same as they do on your phone, where every app immediately wants to start buzzing.

Third-party Alexa skills can now use notifications


Your phone gets notifications, so why can't your smart speaker? Amazon is doing something about it.. and thankfully, it's not as bothersome as it could be. The company is trotting out a developer preview of notifications in Alexa skills. If you opt in, third-party skills can push notifications to your Alexa-equipped devices (such as an Echo speaker or your phone) that will trigger both a sound and an on-device alert (whether an LED light or on-screen display. This doesn't mean you're going to be peppered with unwanted speech, though: your notifications accumulate, and you'll only hear what they are when you ask Alexa to read them.