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The Rise of the Digital-Only Banking Customer


Are banks and credit unions keeping up with consumer demands when it comes to digital banking offerings? With 46% of consumers using only digital channels for their banking, expectations are outpacing experiences at most organizations.

5 Trends to Watch in Banking Technology in 2018


At a time when financial industry analysts are seriously debating whether Amazon will get into banking, it's clear the banking market is in a state of flux when it comes to technology.

Hybrid Mobile Financial Services & Commerce Vinod Sharma's Blog


This post was originally published on 26-November-2014 on Linkedin (click here). The evolution of financial payment systems has been a long but interesting journey characterised by sudden changes in underlying technology.

The Role of AI Technologies in Humanizing Digital Banking


Digital banking has not only gone mainstream but in many cases, it has become the only point of contact between banks and their customers. While financial services delivered through digital channels have brought the convenience of anywhere, anytime banking to consumers, what is the cost? And, are banks living up to the expectations of their customers? One of the main challenges the financial industry faces is the risk of diminished customer relationships as we make the shift to digital. Let's face it, online banking sites can be pretty impersonal.

How Is Artificial Intelligence Transforming Mobile Banking?


Artificial Intelligence is no more an alien word for any of us. Its use in day to day conversations and prevalent references depicts the same. Consider time two decades back, Artificial Intelligence was referred to something that could interpret and imitate human perceptions. Considering today, Artificial Intelligence has created an explosion of advancements in every sector one can think of. Adapting to human nature and behavior, AI has completely turned every stone and has evolved into an extremely successful and detailed technology that every sector is adapting to eliminate human intervention.