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10 Steps to Create a Successful Cloud and AI Strategy - TD Web Services


To drive business agility and accelerate IT transformation, an integrated hybrid multicloud and AI strategy is key. For a competitive advantage IT transformation has become imperative for all modern enterprises. The agility of any organisation will depend on the IT infrastructure. IT infrastructure will also define how quickly an organisation can scale and how well it can serve it's customer based on every changing dynamic digital landscape. As economies are becoming more digital – cobbled with rapidly expanding, ever evolving markets, IT infrastructure should ensure organisations must be able to match its pace.

Azure Arc Becomes The Foundation For Microsoft's Hybrid And Multi-Cloud Strategy


With Arc enabled machine learning, customers can mix and match CPU hosts and GPU hosts of a Kubernetes cluster to run distributed training jobs.

Evolving SolutionsEvolving Solutions Storage in a Hybrid MultiCloud World


Cloud computing has opened up new ways of running workloads and serving internal and external clients. Storage has evolved to complement the capabilities that cloud provides, both on premises and off premises. Advances in flash storage technology have created new tiers of storage that can be cost effectively used by organizations. More enterprises are opting for a hybrid multicloud environment to provide the agility to meet changing demands. Storage offers more flexibility than ever before to satisfy business and data needs.

Reinvent the future of Telco with a hybrid multicloud architecture and AI - Journey to AI Blog


"Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by." It may not be obvious at first, but Robert Frost's poem about standing at the crossroads of choice applies particularly well to the telecommunications industry. With the rise of 5G cellular networks and the need for more agility during COVID-19, Telco companies have to make a crucial decision: stay in the traditional lanes of providing connectivity or evolve with AI-powered digital transformation. For many Telcos, the "road less traveled" via AI isn't just a question of innovation; it's critical to developing new business models that are sustainable and scalable for the future. The Telco industry's AI reinvention lies in three key strategies: monetizing at the edge, saving costs through automation and improving customer engagement.