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Artificial intelligence software is booming. But why now? The New York Times


On Sunday,, which sells online software for sales and marketing, announced it would be adding A.I. to its products. Its system, called Einstein, promises to provide insights into what sales leads to follow and what products to make next."

Artificial Intelligence Software Is Booming. But Why Now?


As G.E., Oracle, and others push their A.I. products, it remains unclear whether potential customers understand how they will profit.



However, he emphasised that areas like machine learning and artificial intelligence still provided big opportunities for start-up growth. Mojtaba Arvin is a computer programmer who's fascinated by artificial intelligence . Right now, he spends his time as an information technology student .

Announcing the New App for AI Magazine

AI Magazine

This spring, AI Magazine launched its digital edition, which brought the magazine new interactivity and color throughout. I'm delighted to announce that this issue inaugurates another major delivery advance, the launch of the AI Magazine app.

Bixi adds gesture controls to iOS and Android devices


We can think of more than one situation when you wouldn't want to touch your phone because of what's on your hands. Imagine needing to quickly consult a recipe on your tablet when your fingers are covered in sticky, tech-unfriendly dough. That's where a device like Bixi comes in, since it brings wireless gesture controls to your iOS and Android devices. Bixi is a little puck that uses time of flight sensors to monitor the movement of your hand in the 25 centimeters or so of air above it. It's not just for on-screen tasks, either, since Bixi can also be used to interact with plenty of smart home apps via your smartphone.