With eye on tourism, Tsukiji redevelopment planning set to accelerate in 2019

The Japan Times

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will soon accelerate work to draw up a blueprint for redevelopment of the former site of the landmark Tsukiji food market, following its closure in October 2018. Through the redevelopment, the authority aims to increase the capital's appeal as a waterfront tourism city. It plans to set a new urban planning policy for the Tsukiji district in Chuo Ward by the end of March, while mapping out a vision for the Tokyo Bay area, which includes Tsukiji, by the end of 2019. The former market site is "perfectly located, with very big potential," Tokyo Gov. Yuriko Koike stressed in a recent interview, expressing the metropolitan government's eagerness to reinvent the Tsukiji brand. "We hope to develop a traffic network that functions like arteries" to connect across the Tokyo Bay area, she said.

Changing Customer Relations with AI: An Interview with Re:Infer


Two years ago we started to get very excited about recent advances in neural networks applied to problems in natural language understanding and we were confident this was just the tip of the iceberg. We created re:infer to apply these new Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) techniques to help businesses better understand and interact with their customer base. Who are the main people involved in Re:Infer? To help our clients to understand their customers needs and make responding to those needs as frictionless and effortless as possible. Re:Infer is all about engaging with customers, either by categorising open source feedback, survey forms, and with your conversational AI tool.

Will Market Research Jobs Survive the AI Revolution?


This article is based on an episode of the B2B Market Research Podcast. The audio version is available here. Historically, human brilliance, practice, and skill have been essential to specialized professions. Artificial intelligence is about to change all that. Luckily, The Future of the Professions: How Technology Will Transform the Work of Human Experts gives hope for staying relevant after the AI revolution.

At Google Cloud Next, debate bubbles over cloud's future and market metrics - SiliconANGLE


The sentiment in Silicon Valley is that Google Cloud Platform is the underdog in a race against Amazon Web Services Inc. and Microsoft Corp.'s Azure Cloud. Journalists and analysts put their ears to the ground at Google Cloud Next 2018 and listened for the straight dope. Can we trust market share reports? Will the rankings look the same in a year or two from now? The popular rumor that GCP has a meager 6 percent of the cloud market certainly doesn't feel true at the conference, according to Mark Albertson, senior writer at SiliconANGLE Media Inc. "Anybody who's been here the last couple of days wouldn't believe that for a second," he said, though that number does describe GCP's market share on the infrastructure portion of the cloud.