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Why Netflix Won't Let You Write Reviews Any More

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Netflix is scrapping its reviews section, a desktop-only feature allowing users to read and write reviews of its TV shows and movies. The streaming service has been emailing users who have written reviews in the past to tell them about the change. "You contributed a review on Netflix within the last year. We wanted to let you know that this feature will be retired on July 30th due to declining usage," the email reads. "We appreciate your taking time to write a review.

How Do You Deal with Negative Online Reviews?


Everything seems perfect…until they leave a scathing review online. It comes totally out of left field and catches you by surprise. Today's retail industry sees it a lot. Then, when they get home, they vent any misgivings or negative experiences with the rest of the world. Their online review I posted for everyone to see: your staff, your current clients, and any potential customers that check you out on the web.

Is data science bad at detecting bogus Amazon or Yelp reviews?


There are lies, damn lies, and Amazon reviews. Why are so many Amazon or Yelp reviews bogus? Do they have bad data scientists who can't detect fraudulent reviews? No, they have unethical CEOs ready to do anything to make money short-term. And complaining about being unable to find real data scientists to solve their problems.

How to Get Tons of Glowing Customer Reviews (And Why You Should)


It's in the stars… How many do you have? Would that last customer give you a 5-star rating? And why should you care? What people are saying about your business matters. Here's the nugget: You can control the quality and quantity of customer reviews you get.

Male employees have a really hard time with performance reviews, study finds


Performance reviews can be tough for anyone. But men take their annual evaluations particularly hard, a new study found. Adobe surveyed 1,500 U.S. office workers and found that most people think performance reviews are a waste of time. About two-thirds of employees and managers think formal reviews are an outdated way of measuring performance. But beyond annoyance, office employees are really troubled by the review process.