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How My Small Business Is Using AI - Minutehack


I've always been drawn to the latest developments in tech, often buying gadgets just to see what they can do. The Rasberry Pi captured my imagination for a while and I make a mean model of an orange with a 3D printing machine.

Wells Fargo reportedly altered business clients' documents without their knowledge

Los Angeles Times

Employees in Wells Fargo's wholesale unit -- which is separate from its retail bank -- added or altered information, including Social Security numbers, on certain documents without customers' knowledge in 2017 and early this year, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday, citing unidentified sources.

Internet of Things (IOT) - Multiple IoT Projects [English Hindi]


This course covers the range of key points related to the Internet of Things (IoT) from both business and specialized domains. In this course, you'll learn about how systems like fire alarms or weather station works and also get knowledge about designing home automation using Bluetooth. You'll get a clear knowledge of how IoT works and how android devices are being used in it. Moreover, you will learn about what all primary components you would need to build your own IoT device. IoT is a hot area and it has the potential to impact a variety of industries.

What to do to Excel in Data science as a Beginner


There has to be something that makes data science the most sought-after career opportunity all across the globe. Data scientists are entrusted with one of the most crucial roles to play within the organization. A data scientist is hired to aid in the decision-making process that further helps the business in reaching new horizons. The demand for data scientists all over the world is high and it is thus critical to stand out from the rest. You need to work a little harder to gain better knowledge about this field.

A Journey from Island of Knowledge to Mutual Understanding in Global Business Meetings

AAAI Conferences

What are the most important elements to create mutual understanding and make collaborative decisions in creative business meetings? We address this question as a transformative journey from island of knowledge to mutual understanding in the context of collaborative decision making in creative global business meetings. The paper presents: a mutual understanding metric ( MUM ) and method for self assessment and 360 team assessment that define different MUM stages in the journey from island of knowledge to mutual understanding. an engagement Matrix of Choices ( eMOC ) framework to assist cross-disciplinary, global teams to make explicit choices with an understanding of the level of collaboration and engagement they can achieve. We present the eMoc “six steps to engagement” framework that offers three feedback loops as triggers to improve the local and global collaboration context and behavior, and three choice-decision-commitment steps towards improving the work environment and increasing knowledge work productivity. We argue that iterative and continuous MUM assessment, explicit eMOC choices, are central to achieve mutual understanding, high performance teamwork, and eliminate re-work, coordination, and decision wait time. The rapid prototyping and testing observations indicate that MUM and eMoC : Allow team members to build awareness of their local conditions and make their local conditions transparent and visible to the rest of the team. Provide a feedback mechanism that indicates the engagement potential of each team member and the team, as well as a trigger or nudge towards moving to higher levels of engagement.