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Will Google Pixel 2 Series Phones Be Water-Resistant? Reports Say Yes

International Business Times

Water-resistance is expected to soon become as regular a smartphone feature as a front camera, which is now found on most smartphones. Various flagship devices of 2017, including the Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 8 and LG G6 are all expected to be water-resistant. In fact, it was a surprise that Google didn't endow its 2016 flagship Pixel device with water resistance. Kelsey McClellan from Wired claimed in his We're All Talk podcast in October that the phones weren't waterproof simply because company had run out of time in launching the phones. But it seems that the next generation of the company's phones will have water resistance.

Samsung Galaxy S8 vs. iPhone 8: Specs, Release Date, Price And Expected Features For The Flagship Phones

International Business Times

Samsung and Apple are among the major smartphone industry players commanding a huge chunk of the market share, which is why their 2017 flagships are creating hype even before their respective launches. But 2017 is not expected to be the usual year for flagship launches. Both iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 are expected to make a transition in terms of flagship features on the companies' phones in terms of design changes, software features and hardware. In terms of design, Samsung's S-series phones and Apple's iPhones are expected to ditch the physical home button which has been present on the flagships since their first iteration. While Apple ditched the 3.5mm audio jack with iPhone 7, Samsung is rumored to do the same with the Galaxy S8.

How To Avoid Cell Phone Electrocution? Risks Of Charging Phone While Bathing As Texas Teen Dies

International Business Times

Texas teen Madison Coe died Sunday after being electrocuted by her cellphone, which she was trying to attend to while bathing. Madison connected the cellphone to a charger while bathing or the device was already kept for charging when she reached out to it, reports said. Madison's story was posted on Facebook to raise awareness about the dangers of using a cellphone in the bathroom and to serve as a cautionary tale for others. This is not an isolated incident of a person being electrocuted while trying to access their phone while bathing. In March, Richard Bull, a U.K. resident died when his iPhone came in contact with water while it was getting charged.

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 To Arrive In July Months Ahead Of iPhone 7

International Business Times

Samsung could be ready to move the launch of its flagship phablet -- the Galaxy Note 6 -- forward as it seeks to capitalize on the success of the early release of its Galaxy S7 smartphones. Samsung has forecast better-than-expected results for the first quarter of 2016 thanks to booming sales of its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, which were launched at the end of February and went on sale in March -- a full month ahead of their predecessors -- the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge -- in 2015 and crucially well ahead of rivals like LG's G5, Huawei's P9 and Apple's redesigned 4-inch smartphone the iPhone SE. A report from CounterPoint Research suggests that sales of the new smartphones are 20 percent higher than the Galaxy S6, with U.S. sales estimated 30 percent higher. CounterPoint says Samsung may have topped 10 million in sales in the first month. Analysts credit Samsung's improved performance with the timing of the launch of the new phones -- along with aggressive upgrade plans in certain markets -- leading many to believe the company will bring forward the launch of the Galaxy Note 6, the update to its large-screen smartphone range.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus vs. Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Comparison Review Of Specs, Features And More

International Business Times

Now that Apple has officially unveiled its iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, many are curious as to how the Cupertino giant's new phablet holds up when it is pitted against the Galaxy Note 7. Despite getting recalled late last week, Samsung's new iteration for its successful Note series is still one powerhouse to beat. But with Apple claiming that the new iPhones are the best and most advanced smartphones to date, it would indeed be interesting to know if the iPhone 7 Plus' specs and features are enough to trump those of Samsung's handset. Performance From the get-go Samsung's Note 7 was expected to deliver in terms of performance. And true enough, the South Korea brand did not fail in meeting the expectations of consumers. Powered by a Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 chipset and an Adreno 530 GPU, Galaxy Note 7's performance is impressive it scored high figures in the different benchmarks conducted by GSM Arena.