Uber CEO's memo on diversity could use a fact checker


Safe to say, the past 24 hours have Uber a little shook up. So shook, in fact, that it's been a little free and easy with statistics. On Sunday, former-Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler's chilling account of workplace sexism and incompetent HR practices sent #DeleteUber trending yet again. In response, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick sent a company-wide email to employees Monday seeking to calm the waters, according to New York Times reporter Mike Isaac. In Fowler's telling, harassment and disorder in upper management at the company was the norm, with the number of women in her organization dropping from around 25 percent women to 6 percent during her time there.

Uber CEO reveals details on sexual harassment investigation


A former Uber engineer's blog post that blew up online did more than just shame the company into finally investigating her long-ignored sexual harassment allegations. It has also forced the ride-sharing service to take a look at its diversity numbers. In a memo sent out to employees earlier, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has revealed that he and new Chief HR Officer Liane Hornsey are working on publishing the company's first diversity report in the next few months. While diversity reports are common in the tech industry, it's out of the norm for Uber, which is still a private entity. The decision was most likely made in response to part of Susan Fowler's (that's the name of the former engineer) post that talked about the service's gender balance issues.

Uber Scrambles To Investigate Shocking Sexual Harassment Claim

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Uber moved quickly over Presidents' Day weekend to respond to a former employee's claim that the company's human resources department ignored multiple instances of sexual harassment and discrimination. On Monday, Uber cofounder and CEO Travis Kalanick sent a company-wide email describing the investigation that would begin into the claims made by former Uber engineer Susan Fowler on her blog. You can read the full text of Kalanick's email below, provided to FORBES by a source at Uber. In it, Kalanick shared for the first time that just over 15% of Uber's engineering, product management, and scientist roles are filled by women, a percentage that is similar to or less than other large technology firms. Kalanick said that Uber has hired the former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and one of his private practice law partners, Tammy Albarran, to conduct "an independent review into the specific issues related to the work place environment raised by Susan Fowler."

Uber News: CEO Travis Kalanick Hires Eric Holder To Investigate Susan Fowler Sexual Assault Claims

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In response to claims about sexual harassment at Uber made by a former employee over the weekend, the ride-hailing company announced Monday it had hired former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder to probe the allegations. Huffington Post's co-founder Ariana Huffington, who joined Uber's board of directors last year, will join Holder in the investigation. The two will be accompanied by the company's human resources chief Liane Hornsey and Uber's associate general counsel Angela Padilla, CEO Travis Kalanick said in a memo to his staff. Holder served as attorney general in former President Barack Obama's administration between 2009 and 2015. He rejoined Covington & Burling -- the law firm he worked with prior to his stint as the attorney general -- in July 2015, and last year, he was tapped in to investigate Airbnb's anti-discrimination policy.

Uber hires Eric Holder to investigate sexual harassment allegations

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Uber has hired the former US attorney general Eric Holder to investigate allegations of sexual harassment after an engineer went public with claims that she repeatedly faced sexism and discrimination at the ride-sharing company. In a staff email shared with the Guardian on Monday, Uber's CEO, Travis Kalanick, said Holder would conduct an "independent review" and also revealed that women made up only 15% of the company's workforce in engineering, product management and scientist roles. The hiring of Holder, who was attorney general under Barack Obama, comes as the description of harassment from Susan Fowler, a former site reliability engineer, has gone viral, prompting women across Silicon Valley to share stories of facing misconduct and discrimination in the male-dominated tech industry. "It's been a tough 24 hours. I know the company is hurting," Kalanick said in his email.