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Intel plans a test fleet of 100 self-driving cars


Intel isn't wasting any time now that it officially owns Mobileye. The Mobileye team has unveiled plans to build a fleet of 100 or more self-driving vehicles to conduct tests in both its native Israel as well as the US and Europe. They'll meld Mobileye's sensor, mapping and driving technology with Intel's computing platforms, data center tech and 5G wireless to make Level 4 autonomous cars (they can do all the driving themselves but may ask for intervention) that talk to the cloud. They won't be tied to any one brand -- sorry, BMW. As Intel explains, it's as much about selling the concept as actual experimentation.

Why Intel Is Buying Mobileye, And What Does It Need To Do To Be Successful?

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In a move that hopes can propel it to the forefront of The Next Big Thing, Intel announced it would purchase Mobileye, an Israeli company that makes sensors and cameras for driverless vehicles. Buying a leader to become a leader is never cheap: Intel will pay $13.3B for the firm, a 34% premium over Mobileye's closing price last Friday. The two companies have a history of collaboration, having announced a partnership with BMW last year to put driverless vehicles on the road by 2021. But until this acquisition, it was hard to take Intel seriously in the automotive market; Intel only has a partial solution in-house. It takes specialized silicon to keep up with the massive data rates generated by a vehicle or a missile, and Mobileye brings that needed capability to Intel.

Intel to buy Mobileye for $15 billion

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Intel will buy Israeli-based Mobileye for $15 billion. The company specializes in creating chips and software for autonomous vehicles. A link has been sent to your friend's email address. Intel will buy Israeli-based Mobileye for $15 billion. The company specializes in creating chips and software for autonomous vehicles.

Intel's Mobileye inks deal to supply millions of autonomous vehicles


Intel's Mobileye unit has been awarded a contract to supply millions of autonomous vehicles. According to Reuters, eight million cars will be equipped with self-driving technologies and shipped off to an automaker stationed in Europe. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed. Erez Dagan, senior vice president for advanced development and strategy at Mobileye told the publication that the contract will come into play in 2021 when Intel's Mobileye EyeQ5 chip is ready. The processor is an upgrade on the upcoming EyeQ4, which is due to be rolled out in the coming weeks.

Mobileye Ha Mapped 28,000 Miles of Spanish Roads: Here's Why Digital Trends


Mobileye -- the Intel-owned developer of cameras and imaging software for self-driving cars and driver-assist systems -- has inked a deal with the city of Barcelona to map streets in preparation for autonomous cars, as well as to improve urban infrastructure. The initiative, called the Autonomous Ready project, uses a fleet of cars that have already traveled 28,000 miles, according to Mobileye. These cars aren't autonomous, but they are equipped with Mobileye-developed driver-assist systems. These systems include a number of onboard sensors, which send data about what they "see" to the cloud for analysis. Mobileye claims the project will help improve safety.