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Newton email app makes the 'sent' folder unnecessary


The Newton email and calendar apps offer a fairly unique way to deal with those unfortunate but necessary components of modern life. Some of its smarter features include read receipts, the option to recall a sent email, one-click unsubscribe from newsletters, the ability to hook up apps like Todoist, Pocket, Trello and Asana, send-later scheduling and more. Today, the Newton team is making a seemingly small but potentially useful change to the way sent emails are handled. Specifically, Newton is getting rid of the sent email folder entirely. Newton designer Umesh Gopinath wrote a pretty interesting blog post about the inspiration for today's update, noting that Gmail's conversation view all but obviated the need for the traditional "sent" folder.

Essential buys the company behind Newton Mail


The Newton Mail subscription service might be dead, but its owner just found an unusual lifeline. Essential has acquired Newton developer CloudMagic for an unspecified amount. The phone maker didn't say just what it would do with its new purchase, but said it was constantly searching for companies that could "accelerate [its] product roadmap." This doesn't necessarily herald the revival of Newton Mail. While it had clever features (such as resurfacing unanswered emails and recalling sent messages), it had roughly 40,000 paid subscribers -- and some of its features were available for free through competitors like Google's Gmail.

Newton Mail quietly resurrects its cross-platform email app


The Newton Mail email service bid subscribers farewell in September, but now it seems to be back. "We are thrilled to be back. If you still have your Newton account, just log in using your Newton username and password," state the developer's notes on the App Store and Google Play. New perks listed for iOS include the ability to delete a single mail in a thread, support for "mark unread from here," support for task managers such as OmniFocus, Things, 2doapp and Bear, and the option to add GIFs via Giphy's iPhone keyboard. In addition, there are a ton of improvements on Mac Compose.

Newton's simple-is-better email app gets a calendar counterpart


The Newton app is a quality (if pricey) email client that offers simplicity on the surface and intelligence underneath, but it has at least one glaring flaw: that design philosophy doesn't carry over when you need to check your schedule. The Android app had a calendar feature, but it was bolted on. You might not have to make that trade-off for much longer. The developer has introduced a separate Newton Calendar app for iOS, and it continues that less-is-more strategy while adding some thoughtful touches. Most notably, you don't have to wade through the usual forms to add an event -- you tap the date, type in the time and title and you're set.

Who Is Jourdan Rodrigue? Cam Newton Should Apologize To Reporter, Twitter Urges

International Business Times

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton did not apologize to Charlotte Observer writer Jourdan Rodrigue after he laughed at her for asking about the route-running of his teammate Devin Funchess . But that didn't stop Twitter users from urging the NFL star to issue a public mea culpa. Others, however, argued Newton did not have anything to be sorry for. Cam Newton don't owe a apology to no one. Why wasn't y'all mad when Trump called NFL players S.O.B.? He called women b*tches.